A List Of Our Baby Essentials

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1. Doona Stroller/Carseat: We both agree this is our #1/favorite item we got! It’s so convenient to be able to get the carseat out of the car and immediately convert to a stroller! Wish we had this with our older 2!

2. Organic Infant Lounger: Easy to move around the house and put baby down anywhere! This has been super handy the first few months.

3. Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Baby Micellar Water: I love this no rinse cleansing water to use throughout the day when it’s not bath time yet. Spit up and milk always get into neck rolls, and I just use this on a washcloth to keep it clean!

4. Baby Brezza: If you’re using formula, this is an amazing invention! Basically a Keurig for baby bottles! Warms the water and mixes the formula in – a bottle is ready in less than 10 seconds!

5. Drying Rack: I have used this drying rack for all 3 kids – looks good on the counter and easy to clean!

6. Silver Cross Stroller: We both love this stroller for walks – super smooth ride and a huge basket as well!

7. SNOO Bassinet: I was on the fence about this purchase, but it’s been amazing for us! I know not every baby loves, but Lulu does! They also rent monthly if you don’t want to commit to purchasing.

8. Bouncer Seat: This seat is light and easy to move around the house! The cover is also easy to clean – it slides on and off. 10/10 would recommend!

9. Swaddle: Every baby is different with what swaddles they like but these are what my babies have liked best!

10. Pacifier Clip: Love this neutral paci clip! I use it when we are out and about and it easily attaches to clothes, carseats, carrier, etc.

11. Diaper Caddy: Perfect for the car, or for carrying around the house with you during the day! Holds a lot and looks nice as well!

12. Muslin Burp Cloths: I love these cute burp cloths from Spearmint! I just got this larger one that is nice too.

13. Baby Monitor: This monitor has worked really well, no complaints! Easy setup, easy to use!

14. Giraffe Baby Blanket: One of the softest blankets! It’s a great baby gift to give!

15. Light Dimmer: If your lamp doesn’t have a dimmer, make sure you get one! Necessary for middle of the night feedings!

16. Artipoppe Baby Carrier: The most comfortable baby carrier we’ve tried! A splurge item, but so beautiful and functional!

17. Nuk Bottles: Love these bottles – no leaks!

18. Coterie Diapers: The softest diapers! We have had ZERO blowouts since switching to these, and I love that they are made with clean ingredients! Bonus – I buy the subscription so I never forget to pick up diapers!

19. Bath Seat: I’ve used this seat with all 3 kids and really like it. Baby is comfortable and it’s easy to clean and store!

20. Sound Machine: My whole family sleeps with sound machines but I really like the one linked and this portable one for when we are out.

21. Pipette Lotion & Balm: Great for babies with sensitive skin!