What I Packed In My Hospital Bag

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+ Slippers: Kyle packed his too, makes you feel like you’re at home!
+ Laneige: I only packed my essentials – this lip mask (which I applied often), toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, serum and lotion.
+ Amazon Fire Stick: I can’t take credit for this idea (saw on T.I.B.A.L) but it’s a game changer! Even though you’re in newborn bliss, it can get a little boring in the hospital room and it’s nice not relying on basic cable ;)
+ Comfy Outfit: I only brought one outfit since it was my third and I knew I wouldn’t be there (hopefully) for more than one night.
+ Headband + Silk Hair Ties: Self-explanatory but it was so nice having my hair out of my face! Don’t forget a brush either!
+ Nursing Bras: These nursing bras have been my go-to. Really comfy and easy to get on and off!
+ Warm Socks: Get can be chilly so these are necessary!
+ Sleep Mask: Having a sleep mask is nice because the nurses are coming in your room all night and need lights on.
+ Robe: I didn’t have a robe with my first born and it regretted it. It’s nice having easy access for breastfeeding and so the nurses can easily check you throughout your stay.
+ Nipple Shields: Brooke introduced these to me! Neither of us used nipple cream and these worked so well.
+ Extra Long Charger: This was so necessary since no plugs were close to my bed!
+ Blanket + Own Pillow: Definitely recommend since the hospitals aren’t always the coziest!
+ Swaddle and going home outfit for baby!