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1. I’m due in September and curious about your stroller/car seat situation. I know you both are Doona fans, but is that all you use? Or do you have any other strollers or car seats that you use as well? I just bought the Nuna Pipa but am wondering if it would be worth it to return that for just the Doona for the first year. I’ve been going back and forth on this and just looking for some insight.
I use the Doona for the car seat & stroller when we are out running errands, but I also have a larger stroller (Silver Cross) for long walks. The Doona is the only car seat I have, but once Lulu grows out of it, I’ll have to get a convertible car seat (probably around 12 moths). I love the Doona, but I don’t think it can replace a full-size stroller for walks.
Meggan: Was going to say exactly what Brooke said!

2. In regards to the chin lift mask, how often do you use them and for how long each time?
I’ve been bad about doing them lately but you are supposed to wear 7 days in a row for best results. I will do 7 days (wear a few hours) and then the following weeks, every other night!

3. Meggan – how did you stop breastfeeding/pumping?
I slowly weaned and used this as a guide! It really wasn’t too bad!

4. Meggan do you like the Artipoppe baby carrier? Worth the price tag?  Brooke did you get one as well?
Yes, I’m obsessed! It’s so comfortable, easy to get on and obviously cute AF. Yes, I (Brooke) got one as well! I would say it’s for sure the most comfortable carrier I’ve tried.

5. Brooke – where can I find your couch pillows?
You can find them on sale here! Just FYI – they are huge, be sure to check the dimensions! I’ve had them for over 3 years now and still love them and have yet to find anything that compares.

6. I have been following your blog for a long time, and enjoy your content. I am interested in sharing my style/fashion – can you offer any advice for an aspiring influencer?
Just start! You’ll never be “ready,” so you just have to go for it! Be yourself, figure out what sets you apart from others that are out there, and do what you love!

7. What are some of your favorite/easy week night dinners?
Turkey meatballs
, grilled chicken bruschetta, chicken tacos, pizza spaghetti pie, egg roll in bowl, sloppy Joe’s (my kids’ favorite!), tortellini soup, and lately we’ve been grilling a ton!

8. How are the babies sleeping at night? Any tips?
Beckham started sleeping through the night at 4 weeks and sadly I don’t have any tips or secrets to share! We just do the same nightly routine – bottle, change, swaddle (use this one) and sound machine.
Brooke: Lulu is sleeping through the night, started around 8 weeks. We keep her routine the same(ish) every night: bath, PJs, bottle, rocking/singing, in the bassinet (awake but drowsy). I double swaddle her because she kept getting her hands out of the swaddle and waking herself up. I saw the tip from a sleep trainer, and it has worked well.

9. I’m finally investing in my first Chanel bag but can’t decide between the Boy Bag and the Classic Flap. Which do you prefer and why? Thanks for your help!
Love both and would say to go with whichever one you truly love more! Obviously Chanel bags are a big investment, so you want to love it! We would suggest going in store if possible to try them on and see which one you like best personally. 

10. I’m a teacher and my go to layer other than cardigans has been a jean jacket. Mine is at the end of its life and I need a replacement. Would you get another denim jacket or is there a more current jacket option you’d go with?  It needs to be something that’s versatile (dresses, skirts, black jeans…) and isn’t too trendy/fussy. Hoping for something I can wear for multiple seasons and works in a school environment.
Some cute jacket options: this Levi’s one, a blazer, or this jacket as well!

11. Brooke did you transition Lulu out of the Snoo? I have one too & scared to give it up lol!
She is still in the Snoo! I’m not sure how much longer she will be in there, but I’m with you lol! She loves it.

12. Meggan – did you take Lexapro while pregnant/are you still on it?
I didn’t! I thought I was doing okay without it but some of my same anxiety/feelings have started to creep back in so I just made a doctor appointment to get back on it.

13. Favorite at home coffee drink?
I have been drinking this iced coffee and love it! Sometimes I add a splash of almond milk.
Brooke: I bought the same iced coffee after Meggan recommended it and I love it! I add a splash of creamer as well.

14. Meggan – any cute baby boy clothes and jammies?
For jammies I love Little Sleepies (our discount code is SOMEWHERELATELY), Kyte, these waffle jammies, and Goumi. And a few cute things I’ve got for Beckham: these rompers (so soft & great quality), these henley bodysuits, these shorts, this matching set, these joggers, and this onesie.

15. Any affordable summer wedding guest dresses?
Love this one, this one and this one!

16. I need help with a cute space cowboy outfit. Thinking silver/sparkly!
This dress for sure!!