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Daily Dose

1. What’s something that’s considered cheugy, but you still love it anyway?
Brooke: Barefoot Dreams blankets
, or really Barefoot Dreams anything.
Meggan: I had to goolge what cheugy means lol! I guess jean jackets and Barefoot Dreams!

2. One product you feel like is worth the hype and one product that’s not?
Worth the hype: Dyson Airwrap (finally in stock!) and the Snoo. Not worth the hype: Tom Ford bronzer.
Meggan: Worth the hype: Olaplex shampoo. Not worth the hype: Mamaroo baby swing.

3. Should I buy an Anine Bing sweatshirt? Is it worth it?
We love ours – love the look and they hold up so well in the wash. If you’re going to get one, we vote go for a newer style. This one is new and love it!

4. Pre-fall roundup? 5 or so items you’re loving?
This coat
(we both bought), these jeans, this sweater, this shirt jacket, and these leather pants.

5. Wondering if you can share suggested sectionals. I’m moving and trying to find good quality sofa at a reasonable price.
Check Living Spaces, they have a huge selection (here). Love this one and this one from there!

6. You guys read so much, especially with babies! When do you find time to read? I need advice because I want to get into reading, but feel like I don’t have time with 2 kids. 
Brooke: I read at night before bed! If a book is really good, I will read while Lulu naps, too. I once told a friend I don’t have enough time to read, and she told me everyone has 30 minutes/day, and you can finish a book pretty quickly with only 30 minutes/day. That stuck with me, and it’s true. You don’t have to sit and read for hours a day or finish a book in 2 days! When I was first getting into reading, I told myself instead of looking at my phone or turning on the TV before bed, I’ll read for 30 min. It seems obvious, but the key is to have a really good book. If I’m not into the book I’m reading, I won’t make time for it. Some of my favorite favorites are 7 Husband of Evelyn Hugo, Me Before You, Verity, It Ends With Us, and The Idea of You. Hope that helps!
Meggan: I do the exact same – read before bed and if it’s something I can’t put down, I’ll read during the kids nap time!

7. What formula are you using?
Pure Bliss!
Pure Bliss for now.

8. Can you share the link that had the airplane toy for babies. I think it was from amazon. Some sort of suction toy that spins.
Yes – these spinners! This dimple toy and this buckle toy also kept my daughter entertained!

9. Brooke – where is that cute blue matching workout set from you were wearing? Any other favorite matching sets?
It’s this one from Amazon and comes in so many colors, only $29!

10. I purchased these boots in the dark suede from the Nordstrom sale. I would love some suggestions of how to style them this fall/winter!
Love that pair! Some ideas on what to wear them with: here, here (obsessed with this look/vibe) and here (simple but chic.

11. Where are your dream vacation spots? 1 with kids and 1 without kids!
I would love to go to Bora Bora or the Maldives without kids & Greece with kids!
Meggan: Dying to go to Italy, we were supposed to go last summer but obviously had to cancel! We were going to bring the kids but I think with their ages now, I would want to go without.

12. One random item you’re loving from Amazon?
Meggan: This tumbler
! I use it every day!
Brooke: These hair clips
, I wear them every single day and they hold all of my hair!