Is The Doona Stroller Worth It?

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I was debating if I needed to get the Doona stroller since Beckham is (most likely) our last baby and we already had a 2-piece travel system. A few of my friends and family members raved about it so I caved and bought one. I will say, this is by far my favorite baby purchase and I’m SO happy with it. Here are my pros & cons if you are debating on one!

+ Extremely convenient
+ Going from strolling to carseat (and vise versa) is simple
+ Easy to maneuver
+ Lots of accessories (travel bag, rain cover, etc.)
+ No stroller taking up room in trunk/backseat

+ No underneath storage (I did buy this snap-on bag)
+ Heavier than most infant carseats
+ Need to buy another stroller once they outgrow (35lbs)
+ We don’t use it for walks – just while out & about