10 Things I’m Loving On The Internet

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I love these ‘to go bed with’ videos, and if you’ve been watching White Lotus you’ll recognize Alexandra!

Piggy backing off of that video, I really want to finally pull the trigger on this serum! She said it would be her ‘desert island’ product and the reviews are so amazing.

This is the coolest DIY I’ve seen in a long time – turn your square hallways into archways!

I caved and ordered this sweatshirt (in a size small).

I love this post from Grace’s blog – everything she read in July. She does a great job reviewing books, and I always enjoy reading her recommendations!

I recently bought this mirror and I love it! My bathroom lighting is not great, this makes putting on my makeup much easier! It’s also perfect to travel with!

I’ve had my air fryer for a few months now, and have yet to use it! I don’t know why it feels intimidating, but I really want to make these cauliflower tacos – they look so good!

This is a fun watch – Sincerely Jules’ backyard transformation with Erick (Maison Trouvaille – one of my favorite interior designers to follow!).

I’m still loving the Light Salon Boost mask – the reviews don’t lie, it’s worth the hype. I’ve been trying to take really good care of my skin lately, and have invested in a few new products (like the mask and this retinol) that are actually delivering!

The 2-for-1 deal is back on our favorite lip balm! Get it while they have it on sale!