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Daily Dose

1. What are your top 5 items for a fall wardrobe?
An oversized blazer (loving this one), a good pair of non-skinny jeans, boots (pointed toe and lug sole), a turtleneck for layering, and a good jacket.

2. What are your top 3 luxe gifts under $100 to give to a friend for a birthday, or someone who hosts you at their home (overnight). Candles? Kitchen items? I’m always so stumped and end up just getting a bottle of wine.
Diptyque or Byredo candle (pretty much my go-to all the time),  Vinglacé with a bottle of wine, or nice wine glasses with a bottle of wine as well. I always try to buy something that can be used (rather than stored) and enjoyed by the person you’re gifting!

3. How do you feel about the LV Neverfull? Is it a classic or is it done?
We personally have never been into it but if you truly love it, get it!

4. Brooke – I am looking for a new pillow and know you’ve raved about yours and said you even travel with it! I’ve searched your Instagram, blog and LIKEtoKNOW.it and can’t find it. Will you please give me the name or link to the pillow you use for sleeping?
LOL I love my pillow! It’s really old (like 7 years now), but it’s from Tempur-pedic. It looks like this one, but since mine is old, I’m not positive they are the exact same!

5. I’m going to a black tie wedding in October in Virginia. Any dress suggestions?
This slip dress
, this long dress, this maxi, or this dress (a splurge but stunning!).

6. How would you style the split hem Abercrombie jeans you posted?
With a tank like this for summer, and can add a blazer over top in fall. Also in the fall with a tight turtleneck like this one! Keep the top simple & let the jeans be the statement.

7. How do you navigate your relationships with your in-laws? I’m newly married and my in-laws are great overall but they can be very overbearing at times and want to be overly involved in our lives and our decisions that we make as a couple. Would love any advice that has worked for you!
That can be challenging. We feel so lucky because we both get along very well with our in-laws and neither are overbearing, so we may not have the best advice here. Maybe you can talk to you husband about setting boundaries with his parents so that everyone is on the same page. Hope this gets better for you!

8. Can you provide some recommendations for what you’d wear for a sunset/birthday boat cruise as well as outfit ideas for a girls lake weekend?
Sunset boat cruise: this maxi dress, this midi dress, or this dress! Girls lake weekend: this cut-out midi dress, this comfy set (sweatshirt + bottoms), these jean shorts and this jumpsuit.

9. I was invited to a 30th birthday party that’s island themed and we were asked to wear our best Hawaiian outfit lol. I don’t have anything like that. Any suggestions that would match the theme but that I would maybe wear again?
A few outfits we found that would fit the theme: this FP set (really cute!), this pink ombre maxi or this romper!

10. Are you guys vaccinated?
Yes we are!

11. Can you share some baby boy nursery inspo?
Yes! Some favorites I have pinned are: this one, this one, this one and this one!

12. Last week, I saw that Meggan (I think?) took out her Gucci Dionysus again. After stalking your IG I saw that Brooke has one too! I’m debating getting this one (I’m a huge Yankees fan so this was made for me) but I feel like I won’t wear it as much as I think. I don’t have a lot of grey in my wardrobe and dress casually now that I’m FT WFH forever. Do you have outfit suggestions? What would you wear it with regularly? Or am I crazy and should save more for a pre-owned Chanel boy from Poshmark instead? Would love your advice!
Personally, we would save for a pre-owned Chanel because it will hold it’s value so much better than the Gucci. The Yankees design is fun, but it’s very specific and we feel like you may get sick of it faster than something more classic! Hope that helps!

13. What diaper bags do you use?
I use my totes (mostly my Goyard or this Leatherology one) and use this insert!
Brooke: I’ve been using this bag with pouches to hold diapers, wipes, etc.

14. What books are on your to-read list?
The Push
, Local Woman Missing, The Boys’ Club, The End of Her & The Summer of Broken Rules.

15. Any suggestions on how to come up with budget friendly ways to renovate your bathrooms?
A few ways to update your bathroom and not spend a fortune are: new cabinet hardware, a fresh coat of paint, art, vintage rug, or a new faucet. If you want to change the countertops, look at remnant pieces instead of whole slabs!