New In: Comfy, Neutral Lounge Set

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Nordstrom has been a go-to for so long, it’s like second nature to me now. Before we left for our trip back home to Iowa to see family, I knew I needed (and wanted) to get a new cute and cozy loungewear set for all the downtime we would have, so I immediately went to Nordstrom.com and started my search.

What I ended up finding is this incredible, elevated loungewear set by 4th & Reckless. It’s as cute in person as it looks. The top is the coziest, oversized, button up cardigan that is a little too easy to curl up in. The bottoms are knit trousers with a high waist, flared legs, and a faux button fly. This is not your typical loungewear set. Something about it just feels like an upgrade in the best way, and even wore it to dinner! The best part, too, is you can pair the cardigan with other bottoms and same with the bottoms themselves. I totally plan to style the cardigan with either jeans or jean shorts for a later summer into fall transitional outfit, and throw on a black or white cami with the bottoms! I also love this top and these shorts. I’m still loving the mini Jodie bag & Nordstrom has them in stock right now! 

That’s not all, though. While I was shopping for this set, I wanted to get Lulu a new swimsuit for the trip and found this freaking adorable ruffle one-piece in a pink and white gingham print by Tucker + Tate at Nordstrom. 

Lastly, I grabbed an extra tube of my favorite lip balm: Hangover Pillow Balm. You can never have enough backup balms on a trip, and I’m so glad I had the foresight to get this because I ended up dropping my other one into the lake lol. 

Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!