5 Tips From My Organizer Grace

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As I’m sure most of you can relate, it’s hard to get organized and stay organized – it’s never been my strong suit! That’s why I took matters out of my hands and left it up to a professional. My organizer Grace (The Grace Method) was recommended in a local Facebook group and I have now used her multiple times to help me get my life together 😉 Not only is she a wicked organizer but she’s personable, down to earth and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for someone in Dallas! Below are her top 5 tips + some of her favorite items!
1. Make a mess. It gets worse before it gets better! When starting an organizing project, it’s so important to pull everything out to really get a feel for your inventory & start fresh. Doing a quick once over of a drawer or of the hundreds of items hanging in your closet and tossing just a few things won’t do the trick. Before putting anything away, I go through absolutely everything with the client so anything that isn’t loved, used or needed doesn’t go back into the space where it will continue to collect dust. This process also helps with thinking outside of the box as to how you can reinvent your current system. Queue the purge….

2. Simplify. Simplifying is the major key to organization. Think intentional. You cannot be organized if you have too much for what your home can handle. I…and I cannot stress this enough…am obsessed with getting rid of clutter. I’m somewhat of an uncertified therapist when it comes to this. People get attached to their belongings and 100% of the time have far too much, but I really push that whatever you keep needs to serve a purpose. Any “but what if…” items that have been “what if” items for more than 6 months (& that is generous) have to go. The mental clarity that purging brings is unmatched. This step makes future moves easier, allows you to be in tune with your belongings so more of them get put to use, prevents you from overbuying, and makes maintenance much easier. 

3. Categorize. Keeping categories together makes things visible & accessible & prevents you from forgetting what you have. Categories  being scattered gives me HIVES. If you’re going on a ski trip, you should have a designated section to shop from. If you’re doing your skin care routine, you shouldn’t need to open multiple drawers/cabinets. 

4. Contain. Everything should have a place. Whether it’s a turntable, drawer dividers, bins, baskets etc, I promise life becomes far less stressful when everything has a home. Queue the maintenance…

5. Maintain. Even I struggle with this! Life gets hectic and I swear if you saw my home sometimes you’d think I was an organization fraud. Although, when I’m ready to put the pieces back together, everything having a designated spot makes this process 100x easier. Another great way to maintain is to be aware of what isn’t being used post-purge. Decluttering regularly prevents you from ever having to start from ground zero again.

A few of her favorite/go-to items:
+ Dividable Turntables: I don’t even know where to begin my love for this product. Use it for everything possible. That’s all.

+ The Home Edit Storage Solution Starter Kit: I love keeping things cohesive and of course, we’re always here for an aesthetic moment. This is a great starter kit which also comes in a light wood.

+ Stackable Divided Drawer Bins: These are amazing for maximizing vertical spaces and the divider detail is perfect for optimal categorizing. I have no idea why these are advertised with sweaters in them. In my opinion, use them for anything besides that lol!

+ Drawer Dividers: Ditch the old drawer organizer and upgrade to the Acacia Container Store dividers. Easy to clean and gives a little Restoration Hardware quality home for your spatula feel 😉