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Daily Dose

1. Meggan – what color did you paint your bathroom vanity?
Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray!

2. Favorite type of self-care?
Taking a bath, going for a walk while listening to a podcast, meditating, reading a good book, or turning off my phone & getting in bed to watch a movie (specifically Sex & The City or It’s Complicated).
Meggan: Getting a massage or facial, lighting a candle and reading before bed, taking a bath, face masks, or listening to a podcast while on walk!

3. Have your Princetown’s with the fur held up? Love the look but wondering if the plain is more practical?
Yes, they have held up well. I think the plain is definitely more practical, though!

4. Did you both breastfeed? If yes, how long?
With Camden I exclusively pumped for 6 months, Mila about 3.5 months and Beckham 3 weeks!
Brooke: 6 months with Sophia, or 5 months with Avery, and 3 months with Lulu.

5. Based on the personality and interests of your kids right now, pick a career for them!
Sophia has wanted to be an astronaut since she was 4! If not that, I would say an engineer or scientist. Avery – something creative like fashion or photography. Lulu – we will see ;).
Camden would definitely be an engineer or geologist! He is always building/tinkering with things and he also loooves geodes and collecting rocks from outside (these geode kits are the best and always our go-to for gifts!). Mila would be in hair or makeup – she loves playing with everything in my bathroom. Maybe a blogger lol!

6. I have white combat boots but feel like I need another pair of white or cream boots for fall/winter. Not looking for a lug sole/ combat boot style but something for date night or night out with the girls to wear with jeans, skirts, dresses, etc. Not sure if I should go with tall or short boots. Any recommendations?
A few pairs we love – these, these, and these!

7. What are your favorite sneakers under $100?
We love the classic high top Converse, this pair of New Balance 574’s, the Reebok Club C 85’s (I wear mine so much!), and this pair of Sam Edelman’s – they look like GG’s!

8. Any suggestions for new fall handbag? Nothing to break the bank, just a solid crossbody to transition into fall.
This mini one
is SO good! Also love this one, this one & this one!

9. What we’re your most worn pregnancy clothing items? I need inspo!
Anything oversized and comfy lol! We lived in these leggings, these leggings (BEST maternity pair), and oversized tops and sweatshirts really! For dressing up, we went for tighter sweater dresses – looks so cute with a bump!

10. I would love suggestions for living room rugs. Redesigning for a neutral color space and struggling to pair a rug.
Pretty neutral rugs: this one, this one, this one and this one!

11. What designer bags are on your wishlists?
I don’t really have any specific bags on my wishlist right now, but I’m loving shearling for fall/winter! Would love to find a great shearling bag – this one is faux and looks designerThis one is gorgeous & so is this one! Ok, I think this one may be my favorite!
I’m loving the Fendi Peekaboo bag – especially this pink one!

12. I need help/suggestions for a front entryway rug (3×5). I love both of your styles, so I’m curious what you have personally or some suggestions. Thank you!!!
I just ordered this one! Also love this one and this one. All are so good, but so different!

13. Fall dresses for out to dinner?
Love this sweater dress, this mini dress + shrug, this puff sleeve dress, or this faux leather shirt dress!

14. How long did it take you to lose weight after baby? I am 3 months postpartum and struggling.
Be easy on yourself – 3 months is nothing!! I’m 5 months PP and still have about 5 pounds to go. I’ve been working out for 12 weeks and have lost about 1 pound per week! It’s definitely gotten harder after each kid.
Brooke: Agreed – give it time! I’ve lost the actual pounds, but have a ways to go before I feel like I’m back to my pre-baby shape. Everything is just different after having a baby, and it takes them.

15. Where are the drinking glasses from that you posted on IG?!
from Amazon!