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Daily Dose

1. How would you define your home style? And who’s your inspo? I love both of your homes!
I didn’t know, so I asked my friend who’s an interior designer and she said a mix of organic modern and modern classic. After looking at this, I agree. I love so many different design styes, but these are the vibes of my current home.
Meggan: I really don’t know either! My home inspo crushes are my friend Amy (37 Rosecroft on IG), Kelly Wearstler, and Amber Interiors.

2. What was your weeks high and low?
My high was the painters finishing from our remodel and low was Beckham not napping for 4 days straight.
Brooke: My high for the week was great parent-teacher conferences (and getting them over with tbh, I get so nervous!) and my low for the week has been running on little sleep – waking up in the night with Lulu as she transitions to her crib.

3. What are your favorite t-shirts that are good quality, non-sheer and hold up after multiple washes?
I love this one from Abercrombie!
Brooke: Mine are super old from Topshop, but the one Meggan linked looks great!

4. What’s on your Christmas wish lists?
I’m struggling to think of things this year but a few ideas are this candle holderthis Smith + Mara suspender, BYREDO perfume, and glass food storage (you know you’re getting old when).
Brooke: A new bottle of my favorite perfumepersonalized stationary, and maybe a piece of jewelry (lusting over Spinelli Kilcollin rings lately).

5. How do you style black leather chelsea boots? Super on trend but I’m not sure if I’m loving them!?
Some ideas for you herehere, and here!

6. Brooke – would love to hear about your transition from Snoo to crib. It’s coming for us!
It’s been okay – a few rough nights, but I feel like each day is getting better than the last. I’m hopeful in a week or 2 it will be great! She’s adjusting to the crib definitely, but I was dreading the transition, we loved the Snoo.

7. Meggan – are you happy with your BBL results?
Yes! I’m going to do another one this year on my face and chest. My skin is so damaged from being in the sun so much when I was younger ugh.

8. My high school best friend is having a baby girl! She will be a first time mom and I’m wondering what to get her? She hasn’t shared the name yet, so I want to get something special for her and baby related. I didn’t want the gift to be 100% baby focused, but I want to get a gift for both mama and baby to recognize both of them during this time. It’s so exciting. I’d love to keep both gifts from $50-$100.
So exciting! We have a gift guide for new mamas here! And if you want to get the baby a cute outfit – I love the waffle jammies from Spearmint!

9. What are your top 3 hair products currently?
I feel like my hair has been so oily lately (I think with the PP hormone shift), so I would say this clarifying shampoo  with this scalp massager to really work it in once/week & this powder dry shampoo.
Meggan: Olaplex bonding oil
, Kenra blow-dry spray and Kevin Murphy dry shampoo!

10. Do you have any suggestions on prioritizing your marriage (dating) with no help from family and young kids?
 I feel this. Living far from family is so hard, especially when you have kids. We used to be much better about date night than we are currently. We would get a babysitter one night/week, and go to dinner. Having uninterrupted time, outside of your home is essential in my opinion. Once Covid hit, date nights obviously came to a halt, then pregnancy and now having an infant, we’ve only been out once since Lulu was born. But I feel like she’s getting to an age where we are more comfortable leaving her with a babysitter, so hopefully we can get back to it. If date night out isn’t an option for you, try having ‘date night’ at home. We’ve been doing this lately – we put our phones away, grab a glass of wine, and either sit in our dining room or in our living room with a fire and just talk/hang out after the kids go to bed. I think getting out of your ‘normal routine’ is key when it comes to dating your spouse!
Meggan: If you aren’t able to get a sitter, I love at home date nights! Have a drink outside by a fire, make a fun/new dinner together, make popcorn and watch a movie, or play cards (Kyle and I love the game Golf).

11. How did you wean from breastfeeding and add in formula?
I was pretty much exclusively pumping when I stopped so I gradually cut down the time between sessions (went from every 3 hours to 4) and minutes per session. We added in 1-2 formula bottles a day and then started full formula once my frozen stash ran out!
Brooke: I didn’t wean, my milk supply just dropped off until it was gone completely (all 3 times), so I don’t have very good advice here, sorry!

12. I’m going to a wedding in November and it is in maui and the attire is semi-formal. Do you have any recommendations for dresses? Budget is $300 or under.
A few gorgeous dresses that would be perfect: onetwothree, and four!

13. I will be about 30 weeks pregnant when we take holiday photos! Any suggestions on outfits? We live in southern CA so probably won’t need to be something super warm!
This  dress
(would be cute with booties!), this off the shoulder dress, or this floral dress! Pink Blush actually has a lot of cute stuff right now!

14. Suggestions for moderately priced shearling bags?
Love this one, also in ivorythis one, and this one!