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Daily Dose

1. Can you do a roundup of your favorite black clothes? I want to add more to wardrobe!
Of course – our favorite lol! Some of our most worn pieces are this cardigan (runs really big!), these jeans, this dress, this sweater ($40 FP easy street tunic dupe!), this sweatshirt dress, this blouse, and this sweater.

2. Brooke – where is the black and white wallpaper from you just installed?
It’s this paper from Anthropologie!

3. Do you have any turtleneck recommendations for layering under a sweater or hoodie?
We have a few that we like at all different price points – here ($19!), here ($58) and here (splurge but worth it!)!

5. My close friend recently shared that she is expecting a baby boy (their first child)! She mentioned she probably won’t be doing a baby shower, so I’m wondering if you have ideas on things to send as a gift?
So exciting! Our we have a list of all our favorite baby products here & gifts for new moms here. We both loved getting cute outfits, diapers and wipes (you can never have enough), and swaddles/blankets/burp clothes.

6. What’s on your Christmas wishlist? 
Meggan: This perfume, this fondue set, this lip mask in peach, and this candle holder.
Brooke: A refill of my favorite perfume (but this time the eau de parfume), a new candle and wick trimmer, and a massage/facial!

7. Love both your beds! I know they are the same, but do you know what fabric and color you both have?
Brooke: Mine is the one they keep stocked – Belgian linen sand.
Meggan: And mine is white linen weave!

8. Brooke – can you link your new bedroom rug and are you liking it?
Yes, I am loving the rug – it’s this one!

9. I have a bridal shower in FL next month and the dress code is 50 shades of neutral. I would say it will be pretty dressy. Could you recommend some dresses? Budget is $300 or less.
Love this one, this one (the back is gorgeous), this one, and this one!

10. Top 3 favorites books?
Meggan: I honestly cant pick three so I’m going to list a few…The Idea of You (I know this will be Brooke’s too – we’re obsessed lol), Verity, Still Alice, Scar Tissue and It Ends with Us.
Brooke: Same! The Idea of You, The 7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Verity, A Woman Is No Man, and Me Before You!

11. I’m going to the St. Judes Gala next weekend in Dallas and stumped on what to wear! I want a cool girl dress, that’s dressy enough to wear this event. Thanks!
Wow so amazing! Some cool dresses: here (looove), here, here & here!

12. Meggan – where is your coffee table and dining room table from?
It’s this one in reclaimed natural oak – which is currently unavailable 🙁

13. Would you wear similar outfits to Paris in December than you did a few years ago?!
Absolutely yes! I think we both wore pretty neutral/classic outfit that we won’t be cringing at in years to come (you can see all the outfits we wore on this post).

14. Meggan – what exactly does a night nurse do? I can’t imagine not getting up with baby cry’s!
We had our night nurse with Mila for about 4-5 weeks 2 nights a week. On the nights she was with us, she took care of her for the night. Meaning: Mila slept in the bassinet in the living room with her, the nurse brought her in every 3 hours to feed (or when she woke), took her when I was done (she set a 15 min timer b/c that’s how long it typically took me), changed her, and put her back to sleep. She would also help fold the kids laundry and wash my pump parts or bottles if needed!

15. Do you have any faux tree recommendations for my bedroom?
This one from Target is great – just got it for Beckham’s room! Also love this one and this one!

16. My husband and I are going to Maui for the holidays this year and I need outfit suggestions! Bikinis, coverups, dresses, hats, accessories, etc!
Love this coverup, this bikini top + bottoms, this hat, this maxi dress, these sandals, this beach bag, and this jumpsuit!