Six Books I’ve Recently Read

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+ The Perfect Ruin: I thought this was a fun/easy read! It felt like I was reading a Real Housewives/reality drama book!

+ Little Secrets: This was my most recent read and I loved it!! I sent it to Brooke so she can read it too! It’s about a couple who had their son kidnapped at Pike’s Place Market. The FBI case goes cold so the wife hires a PI and finds out some things she wasn’t expecting. It was a thriller with lots of twists – definitely recommend!

+ The Midnight Library: I *think* this is an unpopular opinion (it has amazing reviews on Goodreads) but I thought The Midnight Library was boring and redundant. The beginning caught my attention but the rest fell flat for me and was predictable. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it!

+ The Boys Club: I really liked this book and finished in just a few days! It’s about a girl (Alex) who is a first year law associate and moves to NYC and works for a big law firm (which is male dominate). The job changes her and her life gets turned upside down.

+ The Push: I finished this book last month and I still think about it. It’s a dark, emotional, psychological drama. I was bawling while reading but thought it was so good.

+ Local Woman Missing: Another book I couldn’t put down! It kept me on the edge of my seat and there were a lot of great twists!

Next on my list: Apples Never Fall, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, While We Were Dating, and China Rich Girlfriend!