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Daily Dose

1. It’s my first time house hunting! What do you wish you knew before buying your first home?Pay extra for the superior home inspection (above what is normally done), you won’t regret spending that money – for either peace of mind OR finding out something is very wrong that could easily be missed by a general inspection. Look for neighborhood value over the actual look of the home – location can’t be changed, you can always change/renovate a home over time.

2. What are your favorite boy names?
Names we liked and didn’t use are Hayes, Jack, George, Harrison (although it’s getting really popular now), and Harris.

3. I have a $250 giftcard to Shopbop! What would you get that you can wear a lot?!
This oversized sweater
, these boots, this half-zip, these faux leather joggers, or these jeans!

4. What’s your current skincare routine? And wondering if you both continue to use the liquid collagen and if it actually works?
My AM routine: Colleen Rothschild Glycolic Acid Peel Pads, SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, SC Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier, eye cream (currently switching off between this Tatcha one & this Nobel Panacea one), Sheer Renewal Cream, and this EltaMD sunscreen. My PM routine: cleansing balm (this Colleen Rothschild one or this Elemis one), Tula Purifying Cleanser, SkinCeuticals Retinol (currently doing 3 times per week), the peel pads, HA Intensifier, eye cream, Colleen Rothschild Extreme Recovery Cream, and this Elemis oil. Seems like a lot but it doesn’t take long lol! I also feel like this is the best my skin has looked in forever so all the products are worth it! And yes, I’ve been taking the collagen since this summer and feel like it has really helped with hair, skin and nails!
Brooke: My AM routine: cleansetoneCE FerulicDiscoloration Defense, eye cream, moisturizer (I’ve been switching off between this onethis one, and this one – truly love all 3!), and neck cream. PM routine: cleanse, tone (every other night), HA Intensifierredness neutralizereye creamretinolnight creamneck cream. This isn’t the exact same routine every single day/night, but this is pretty much my go-to! Also, I’ve been keeping a humidifier running in our bedroom – really helps my dry, winter skin! I had been forgetting to reorder the collagen, but I just did and can’t wait until it starts helping again, it makes a huge difference for me!

5. Advice on where to start when it comes to blogging? I have been wanting to start for years!
As cliche as it sounds, you just have to go for it! There’s not a right place or time to start. Just start! Share what you love, be authentic to yourself, don’t try to do what you think other people will want to see, share what you love & people will relate to that. We use WordPress for our blog! Good luck!

6. I just got engaged and I need a dress for my engagement party, it’s an upscale bar, I want something non-traditional, any ideas??
This mesh dress
is fun/festive, this velvet dress, this one, or this one!

7. Where do you both find your home inspiration?
Magazines, Pinterest and IG! Some of our favorite accounts to follow are Becki Owens, JWS Interiors, Kelly Wearstler, Emily Del Bello Interiors, Amber Interiors, Nicole Davis Interiors, and Jake Arnold Design.

8. Do you have any recommendations for cute and stylish totes/purses that can fit a 14” laptop computer? My max budget is $300, and I’m struggling to find something nice!
I’ve had this tote from Leatherology for years and love it! It’s great quality and fits a laptop!

9. Where are some cute but affordable places to shop for babies?
has really cute baby things, Zara (wait for their sales!), Gap, and Old Navy (always having sales) are pretty much our go-to’s for affordable options!

10. Any unique bachelorette themes? My friend hates color (eye roll) and is so against being “basic”. One thing we thought about doing was having us all dress in men’s wear one night rather than the basic “black and white”
Love the idea of a menswear night, fun and cute! Themes are so hard to come up with!

11. Meggan – where is the bench in your bedroom from?
It’s this daybed from CB2!

12. Thank you for always sharing the best style advice! My sister is graduating this month and I am stumped on what to wear. It will be cold and we are going out after.
Since it will be cold, love the idea of pants. I just got these pants and they’re amazing! Would be fun to pair with a blazer like thisbodysuit (could pin this to make it less revealing), or a cute top.

13. Christmas outfits for staying home and cozy but still slightly dressy?
This sweater dress
, faux leather joggers paired with a cute sweater (love this one or this one), or this sweater dress!