Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Here are the life hacks ya’ll shared on stories this week! We added ours too!
+ Curbside pickup EVERYTHING POSSIBLE.

+ Turn clothes right side out when you put them in the laundry hamper

+ Cut the lid off your egg carton before you put them in the fridge. Who wants to open it every time!?

+ I buy gifts for friends (candles, wine, hand cream, etc.) in bulk when it’s on sale. Less stress!

+ I have an excel sheet of address book. Email it to yourself for access anywhere!

+ Throw your laundry cap cup in the washer so it’s not gooey and gross. Always sparkling clean!

+ Life is short. Spend the extra $ and buy prepeeled/precut fruits and veggies.

+ Kitchen scissors to cut all kids foods!

+ I put the Olaplex hair mask in during a workout and shampoo it out after!

+ I keep a laundry basket in the trunk, place all my grocery bags in there. Only one trip!

+ “Pin” feature in text messages if I read a text but need to respond later. I’m the worst texter!

+ Group utensils in compartments together in dishwasher for easy unload.

+ Add a scoop of Oxi Clean to all laundry. The stuff is magic!

+ Using the paddle attachment on the KitchenAid mixer to shred chicken. Total game changer!

+ Make getting out of the house easier with extra clothes, diapers/wipes and nonperishable snacks in the car!

+ Put tin foil in a bowl then pour bacon grease in it. Then wrap it up and toss – no mess!

+ This duvet method!

+ Anytime you have a task to do that takes less than 5-10 minutes, do it in the moment

+ Every Sunday I write down meals for each day and grocery shop accordingly

+ Cook dinners in bulk and freeze!

+ Put 4-5 trash bags at the bottom of the trash can (under the current bag) for easy refills

+ Clean blender with warm water and soap and blend. No need to hand wash!

+ I keep a small lunch box in the car for each kid that has toys and snacks for restaurants and on the go!

+ Hire a house cleaner. Saved my sanity!

+ Keep Alexa in the kitchen and use it as a running grocery list. It will compile the list in the Alex app on your phone!

+ Put a wet paper towel around a warm bottle of champagne or wine, put in the freezer for about 20 minutes and it’s chilled to perfection!

+ I use a foundation brush to put sunscreen on my kids face

+ Use these adhesive cord clips for back or nightstands or desk so you don’t have to search for cords!

+ Get gas on Tuesdays no matter what so you’re never on E!

+ Have a gift closet (with bags and tissue paper as well). Comes in handy so much!

+ Use a q-tip dipped in water to moisten envelope seals (especially easy for holiday cards!)

+ Target same day delivery

+ I keep one of these compact scissors in my purse and another in my travel toiletry bag!

+ Outsource when you can – especially tasks you hate doing

+ Don’t put it down, put it away. OHIO (only handle it once). This refers to anything – clothes, coats, makeup, etc.