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This lace top is perfect for holiday! I’m wearing a size small & it’s sheer (I’m only wearing a nude bra underneath).

I’ve been thinking about getting a laser treatment forever, but for some reason I keep putting it off! This article just convinced me to book the appointment. All of my dark spots are rising to the surface of my skin and I know winter is a great time for laser.

10 fresh renovation ideas – my favorite is fluted cabinets, so gorgeous!

I don’t really have anything on my Christmas wishlist, but I do love this jacket so much (and this Celine bag).

Speaking of, we are so happy you’re loving our holiday gift guides! Thank you for the kind messages about them! I keep going back to them because I’m still doing my shopping. Jealous of anyone who’s done.

Kelly Wearstler’s Malibu home tour is stunning – I love the open concept of the first to second floor! That tree!

I want to make this Pad Thai noodle recipe, it looks so good!

My friend convinced me I need these mittens that attach to the stroller, genius! I love this color!

Shay Mitchell’s 58-step (lol) beauty guide. I love watching these videos & especially love that she uses the Amazon ice roller and a chin mask! I was laughing at the amount of masks, but I appreciate the realness – I feel like a lot of times celebrities try to say they just wash their face and put on moisturizer when we all know that’s not true. I wasn’t as into the makeup portion, but she said this gel (yes, hair gel!) is a Hollywood secret for brows, and now I want to try it!

Love this rib knit half zip! Looks so much more expensive than $39!

Ever since I stopped taking collagen, my nails have been terrible. I bought more during the Black Friday sale, and renewed my autoship, so hoping I can get my long, strong nails back!

I got this book last year and never read it, so I’m planning to read it now! I feel like it can only be read in December, but I’m sure that’s not true lol.