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Daily Dose

1. What are your thoughts on the Dyson Airwrap? Is it worth it?
We both love it and think it’s worth it! There’s definitely a learning curve, but it’s truly incredible.

2. What are some things you’re eyeing for the upcoming spring season?
Uhg, fall and winter fashion are elite. Not excited to think about spring to be honest. Love the weather, not the wardrobe. That being said…these sandals, this dress, this tank, these pants, & Hermes sandals (now is the time to buy them, sizes sell out year after year by the time summer is here).

3. Are Anine Bing sweatshirts still in?
Definitely! A few we love are this one, this one, and this one! And still obsessed with the Nico bag – wish it would come back in stock!

4. What filter do you use on your pictures? Do you use presets?
We don’t use a preset anymore! We watched Julia Havens Youtube video on how she edits her pictures and do pretty similar to that!

5. Hope you had a great holiday! Question, I got an Apple Watch for Christmas and could love to know a few bands you ladies like/think are fashionable for everyday wear.
I’ve only ever worn mine with the band it comes with! Also really love this one!

6. Brooke – link to your colored striped robe?
This one
from Shopbop!

7. Did you guys drink caffeine while pregnant? Take pregnancy courses? Read any books?
I had an aversion to coffee all three pregnancies so I didn’t drink that much caffeine. I would drink Diet Coke from time to time (I’m not a huge soda drinker). My doctor said everything in moderation! When I was pregnant with Cam I read What to Expect When Expecting and liked it. I was oddly a very chill pregnant person and didn’t do much preparation lol.
Brooke: I did, yes. I took a few classes when I was pregnant with Sophia & also read What to Expect, but other than that, no!

8. Is the Donna Karen deodorant worth it?
: Yes!! I honestly resisted because I thought the price was ridiculous. I don’t know what finally made me give in but I wish I would’ve sooner. It works significantly better than any deodorant I’ve tried – especially in the Texas heat!
Brooke: I love it!

8. Kind of a silly one, but what is your hair washing schedule? And on days you don’t wash it, do you still get it wet to style it? Mine always looks so rough after sleep!
It honestly depends on my schedule (if I have dinners, workouts, etc.) but I normally wash it twice a week. I use a silk pillow case and scrunchie when I sleep which helps keep it in check. But if it looks crazy, I just throw it in a low bun!
Brooke: I have been washing mine every 3 days, so I guess twice a week as well! If I don’t wash it, I’m usually wearing it in a slick bun or up in a clip!

9. Meggan – what were the fun pj’s you we’re wearing on stories the other night?
This pair
from EllandEmm – hopefully they restock! Also, our code SL10 gets 10% off site wide!

10. What’s a good heat protectant spray when blow drying? And what products do ya’ll use to blow dry your hair?
I use this heat protectant from Kenra. It smells so good! 
I just did a blog post with all the hair products I use here! This is my favorite blow dry spray.

11. What are your favorite places for getting unique home decor?
Burke Decor
, Lulu and Georgia, McGee & Co, Anthropologie, Shoppe Amber Interiors, and Etsy for vintage finds!

12. Meggan – where is the tall pampas grass in the vase you posted a few days ago?
It’s this grass from CB2 and I got 3 sets!

13. Any new IG accounts you’re following for fashion/style inspo?
Yes! Simone Alyssa, Borislava Sekova, and Leonie Hanne (not a new follow for us but she’s sooo amazing so we had to add!).

14. Can you share a list of your discount codes please?
Our discount codes – Little Sleepies: SOMEWHERELATELYEquilibria: somewherelatelyMiranda Frye: SOMEWHERELATELYTula: SOMEWHERELATELYLola Tampons: Lately30Ell and Emm: SL10, Wellements: SOMEWHERELATELY.

15. Do you have suggestions for a semi affordable dress to wear to a formal wedding in Chicago in February?
Loving this one, this one, and this one! My aunt wore this one in navy to my brothers wedding and it looked so good – only $50!