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Daily Dose

1. Looking for new sheets and duvet cover…current favorites?
We both really like our Boll & Branch bedding!

2. If you could only bring 2-3 pairs of shoes on a beach vacation, what would they be?
I did only bring 3 pairs when we were in Anguilla for a week, and they worked out perfectly! They were this pair (beach/casual/go with everything), these (comfy, travel shoes), and these (perfect heel hight for beach vacation, went with every single outfit).
These Schutz sandals (they literally go with everything and are so comfortable), these slides for the beach, and this pair in black.

3. I loved “What we’re making Monday” on the blog. What did you make/eat this week?
We’re going to start that again next week! But this was my menu: basil-parmesan crusted salmon (did mine in the oven), stuffed peppers (didn’t follow a recipe but was similar to this one), grilled romaine salad with chicken, and steak with asparagus and a side salad.
Brooke: Admittedly, we only cooked twice this week – we ordered out one night, and I went out to dinner last night! I made this chili (sooo good) and the other night we did shrimp cooked in butter, garlic, and lemon over rice with a salad.

4. I’m attending a show at NYFW next month and am at a loss as to what to wear, especially since it will be so cold. Ideas?
Something simple (like an all black look), and let a coat be the statement! Love this one, this one, and this one!

5. Brooke – where is your acrylic coffee table from?
It’s from Interlude Home (disclaimer – we purchased through a designer, so did not pay retail). I found a few similar options at better price points as well here (looks very similar, on sale!), here (exact same shape), and here (love the square + brass)!

6. My husband got me a leather jacket I didn’t love. I want to find one that goes with anything and won’t go out of style. This is my push present so price doesn’t matter 😉
This one
, this one, or this one! Love all three!

7. What has helped with your anxiety?
Lexapro, waking up before my family does so l can have some alone time, routine, exercise, CBD, learning to say “no” more, and trying to cut back on caffeine.
Brooke: Everything that Meggan said + meeting with a psychiatrist. I haven’t talked about this yet, but I started medication for my anxiety in July and it has helped me tremendously.

8. Are long, shiny puffer coats still in? I’m not sure which Moncler coat to buy!
Yes! Honestly this Nike puffer is warmer than my Moncler, but if you specifically want Moncler, I love this one!

9. I’m going to Vegas for my birthday and attending a country concert. Can you please suggest some outfit details: boots, jacket, dress/skirt? Thanks so much!
Loving both pairs of these white boots (here & here) – so cute! Some dress options: here, here and here!

10. What are your must-have baby items for a first time mom?
We did a list with all our favorite products here! Our top products are the Donna stroller (so convenient) and the bouncer seat! We are still using both of them at 8 + 9 months.

11. I’m wondering if y’all could do a swim roundup at various price points? I’m going to Mexico in February and would love some recs!
Jealous – that will be so nice! Some pretty suits: this one (love the dark green), this Hunza G one, this brown one, this Amazon one, and this one! This long beach dress is pretty too!

12. March beach then ballroom wedding in Florida…desperately need dress recommendations!
Love this dress, this dress, this dress, and this dress!

13. What are you reading? Or what did you recently love?
Just finished Beneath a Scarlet Sky and loved it – such a heartbreaking story that I can’t stop thinking about! Definitely a book that I’ll always remember. Now I’m reading Girls Like Us.
Brooke: I downloaded Beneath a Scarlet Sky after Meggan posted about it, so I’m reading that now!