Little Things To Make Your Life Feel Luxe

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We asked for you guys to share little things that make your life feel more luxe and SO MANY ideas were submitted! We might have to make another post because there were a ton of great ideas. Hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did!
A heated towel warmer! I’ll throw my pjs or sweats in there too, perfect for when it’s, cold!

My personal trainer, 100%

Surround sound music while cooking!

Budgeting for a professional house cleaner every two weeks – OMG!

Flowers on the bathroom vanity.

Quality matching workout sets. Makes me feel like I have my life more together than it actually is.

Flowers from Trader Joe’s. (One of ours too!)

Le Labo laundry detergent $$ – only used for my sheets!

The Roomba! Less dog hair with less effort.

Barefoot Dreams blankets, Diptyque candles burning during stressful work calls.

Ironed sheets. I know I am psycho.

Slowcooker liner bags so I don’t have to clean the inside of it.

We get Green Chef meals twice a month! Cuts way down on shopping and prep for dinners.

Champagne in a crystal glass!

My milk frother. I feel very boujee when I have fancy coffee in the AM.

Buying pre-chopped onions.

Smooth jazz playlist during the morning routine/while cooking.

Fake lashes! As a momma it makes me look “ready” even when I’m really not.

The Dyson vacuum (cant live without!).

Google home and smart lights in the house! Never have to get up to turn off the lights!

Ordering prepared meals from Whole Foods.

Having lip gloss everywhere so I never have to look for it. Car, kitchen, office, bedroom, etc.

Ice roller and eye patches in the mornings!

Putting my puppy in daycare one day a week even though I’m WFH for some quiet time!

Drawer organizers…who knew?!

Adding basil to my lemonade. Also lighting candles in the evenings.

Target delivery service!

Having pre-made meals delivered weekly (cooked, not just ingredients).

Candle, glass of wine and good music on while I cook.

Gua Sha with luxury oil and my heated faux fur lavender neck pillow on.

Kids in bed. Wine. Candles. Book.

Taking at least 10 minutes every morning to meditate. Has changed EVERYTHING!

Thick, fluffy, 3-ply toilet paper lol!

I buy orchids at Trader Joe’s because they’re cheap, last forever, and so pretty/special!

Valet parking, the $10-$20 is worth it!

Car wash monthly membership. (This sounds niiiice!)

The Calm app before bed!

Wearing perfume even when I’m not going anywhere. Makes me feel *fancy*

Fresh eucalyptus in the shower! Feels like a spa!

Treating myself to Starbucks when I do baby drop-off.

Lighting a candle while reading a book or taking a bath for self care.

Rent The Runway membership!

Adding a body oil to lotion when moisturizing.

Friday foot massage.

Got a great espresso machine and now we make the best coffees together every morning.

A lip mask post skincare!

Splurging on the precut veggies + fruit at the grocery store.

I get a blow-out every other week!

Drinking sparkling water from a wine glass.

Candlelight when I shower & a few lavender drops on the floor to make the steam even better.

Paying people to pick up the dog poo!

I have a twin sized heated blanket under my side of comforter! Turn it on 15 mins before bed.

Remote start on my car.

My Amex Gold Card! We love getting 4x the points on groceries and dining!

My nightstand humidifier. Makes me feel so boujee lol!

Duplicates of my skincare so I can use in the shower and one at sink without having to move it.

High end tea bags.

Drinking hot lemon water while I’m getting ready in the morning!

Designer lip balm on my nightstand – Gucci or Hermes.

Putting all the lamps on Google timers in the winter so they switch before dark.

Spraying my sheets with lavender essential oil before I make the bed!

Drinking my coffee in silence with all the lights off.

Wearing jewelry even when I’m in sweats/athleisure with no makeup. Instantly feel more put together!

Lighting a candle while I fold laundry.

I got a vanity for my closet and put my makeup on in there and feel like a celeb!

Coating my feet in lotion and putting on cozy socks before bed.

Silk pillow cases and matching pajama sets.

I have a waterproof speaker for the shower!! Adele and wine = perfect vibey shower!

Having a pitcher of cucumber lemon water in the fridge ready to go!