A List Of The Best Cleaning Hacks

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You guys submitted so many amazing cleaning hacks – here are some of the most popular/favorites:

I keep Swiffer dry cloths in my car to wipe down the dust.

Place a dryer sheet with dish soap in a caked on pan and soak. Wipes it clean!

Hot water, powdered tide to clean ANYTHING!

When I clean out my handbags, I use a sticky lint roller to clean out all the junk on the inside.

The Bissell little green machine is the best!

Put a cup of water and fresh lemon juice in the microwave for 5 minutes to clean the inside (tutorial here)!

I add a small amount of vinegar to all my laundry loads.

Line paper towels on top of cabinets and change them out every few months!

Use coffee filters to clean mirrors instead of paper towels – no streaks of leftover dust!

Boiling baking soda will clean crusted on stains in the Le Creuset pans.

If it takes under 5 minutes, just do it then instead of putting it off for later.

Just follow @gocleanco – nobody beats them!

Pour baking soda all over the kitchen sink and drain. Then pour vinegar over it and let it sit.

Clean baseboards with a dryer sheet to remove dust and pet hair.

For laundry stains, spray on dawn platinum power wash then soak. Miracle product!

Folex for everything! It got red wine out of a cream sweatshirt.

Use Norex rags – they clean better than any microfiber.

To get rid of fruit flies – put a few pumps of Dawn dish soap, apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl.

This trashcan in the car is a life saver!

Spray RainX on glass shower doors for easier shower cleanup!

I keep spare paper towel rolls in our cars for unexpected messes (aka kids!)

Freeze candle jar to get the wax out and reuse it!

Miss Mouths messy eater stain spray will take out ANYTHING from clothes to carpet.

Every time you leave a room, grab something that needs to be put away.

Dish soap in the bathroom – makes my tub shine!

Put a rag over a butter knife to clean the crack between your stovetop and countertop!

Mr. Clean eraser on baseboards!

Put Dawn dish soap and vinegar in a soap dispensing brush and keep it in your shower.

Hot water + powdered tide to clean the floors and walls.

Those cleaning pumice stones are magic for getting hard water stains on sinks!

Clean your dishwasher filter!!

To remove sauce stains in plastic Tupperware: add Dawn, hot water, a paper towel and shake!

Hairspray gets ink out of anything!

 Warm soap, water, and place sunlight for newborn blowouts – works like a charm!

Baking soda + boiling water to get stuck-on food out of baking dish!