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Daily Dose

1. How did you meet each other?
We met in high school through mutual friends (we went to different high schools, but met in Okoboji during the summer)!

What are your favorite things right now (can be any category)?
Meggan: this lip butter balm
, these pens, Barefoot Dreams socks, and this intense hydrating mask.
Brooke: This hair towel wrap, red light mask, Diet Dr. Pepper (so good), Lancer exfoliator, and my milk frother (for my Golden Milk & matcha lattes).

2. Meggan – I think you mentioned you did placenta encapsulation in Dallas. Can you please share who you used?
I used Becky Hines at Dallas Birth Doulas and highly recommend! She was very informative, made the whole process so smooth/easy, and reasonably priced.

3. What’s your favorite dry shampoo?
Brooke: This one
– it’s a newer purchase I bought when we were traveling over Christmas, and it works so well for my oil prone hair! Maybe the best one I’ve ever tried for my hair type. 
Meggan: Oribe gold lust dry shampoo
 – smells so good and works!

4. We just bought a house and I’m looking for cool, blackout curtains for our primary bedroom & the guest room. Can you share some at a few different price points? I’d probably be willing to splurge for the primary but want to keep the guest bed on the cheaper side. All of our walls are currently white!
Some pretty blackout curtains: here (these look like the ones I have in my bedroom and living room), here, and here!

5. If you could only keep 1 designer bag, which would it be?
This is hard but I think my Chanel classic flap – it’s the one I reach for the most! And my husband surprised me with it for my 30th 🙂
Brooke: Agreed, this is really hard! I think I would say my Chanel Trendy CC in black!

6. I’m going to Morocco next month for a wedding and am wondering if you have any clothes and shoes recommendations. I need a few travel outfits for sightseeing and then a dress for the welcome party!
This dress is splurge-worthy and stunning for Morocco, also love this one & this one! These sandals are the best and go with everything! This dress would be great for sight-seeing…it looks comfy and is a bit more modest! Also love this mixed media dress!

7. Are Golden Goose out now?!
Some people would say so, but we say wear what you love! We have been wearing our high tops more often than low tops lately & also reaching for other sneakers as well!

8. Do both of your kids share rooms? How is it?
Yes, Sophia & Avery share a room and hate sleeping apart! It was an adjustment at first (and some nights they still stay up late talking and giggling lol), but for the most part it’s great!
Meggan: Cam and Mila do! It took a little adjusting (mostly for Mila) but now it’s great!

9. If you had a $250-$300 to spend at Neiman Marcus, what would you get?!
A pair of AGOLDE jeans (love this pair & this pair), Byredo perfume, or a silk pillowcase – these are $ but truly the best!

10. We’re moving into a new house and I’m struggling finding not crazy expensive rugs for our living room (couch is dark gray) and entry when you walk into the house.
We just did a roundup – these 10 rugs are on sale and all neutral!

11. Having my first baby and am looking for recommendations for a baby shower dress! It’s a baby girl, the shower will be boho themed with greenery/blush/gold/sage colors. Thank you gals!
Congratulations! Some pretty dresses to go with the vibe: here, here, here and here!

12. In your next coffee talk I would love to read about any tv media consoles you love. I’m looking for something under $500 for my living room.
Some cool consoles we’re loving under $500: this one, this one, this one, and this one!

13. What books are on your to-read lists?
So many but waiting in my lineup are:The Nightingale, Golden Girl, Anxious People, and The Mother-In-Law.
Brooke: Up next on my list is All The Light We Cannot See.

14. Can you do a roundup of menswear for a warm getaway, such as dinner outfits and swimwear? Looking for some inspo for my husband!
Some pieces we love for him: these trunks, these trunks, these shorts (also come in a longer length based on his preference), and these linen shirts are my husband’s favorite! They look so nice with shorts and can be dressed up for dinner, or worn with swim trunks to the beach!

Email your questions to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject!