Things You’ve Outsourced That Are Worth the $

We are loving these life hack posts & you all seem to be as well! This week we’re talking outsourcing. A few years ago, I read an article about happiness. A study was done – two groups of people were given the same amount of $. Group 1 was told to spend their money on something they’ve been wanting for a long time (new handbag, computer, etc), and Group 2 was told to spend the money on a task they loathe doing (aka outsource). In the end, the Group 2 participants were much happier than those in Group 1. It has stuck with me over the years, and I’m always curious what people outsource that they love & would happily pay for. Here are the answers you all sent in!+ Cleaning professionals & housekeepers (top answer)
+ Professional organizer
+ Laundry – wash, fold, & put away
+ Dry cleaning delivery service
+ Grocery shopping/grocery delivery services
+ Accounting/financial planning
+ Mother’s helper/sitter/nanny – help with light housekeeping as well
+ Night nurse
+ Meal prep – someone to come in and prep a few meals for the week
+ Weekday cooking – we have someone come in to cook homemade meals during the week. (Wow, this is my dream)
+ Errand running (UPS, FedEx, etc)
+ Handyman that comes regularly – keep a running list of things that need fixed, and don’t have to nag my husband
+ Dog poop pickup service – has saved me and my husband so many arguments and it’s cheap!
+ Dog walker
+ Doggy daycare
+ Landscaping/mowing/snow removal
+ Coffee – I go to Starbucks every time I leave the house lol
+ Personal trainer – I need to just show up & be told what to do
+ Personal assistant – best money I’ve ever spent. Basically a clone of me to do all the things I can’t get to
+ Travel agent