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Daily Dose

1. Meggan – can you talk about your Brazilian blowout? Do you still do it and do you suggest?
I did a post about it here! I’ve only done it once because it didn’t last the 10-12 weeks for me 🙁

2. Can you link some fun wine glasses?
Yes! Love these stemless ones, the Estelle colored glasses (I have in mint green), these gold rimmed glasses, and these color stemless ones!

3. Can you recommend some pajama sets for a work trip where we are staying in an Airbnb with executives?!
, here, here, and here! We also love all things Mason Grey – cute robes and sets!

4. Brooke – how do you make your matcha lattes?
I use Pique matcha – almond milk, the matcha packet, cinnamon, and a little vanilla or stevia. So good! We actually just got a code from them also, it’s SOMEWHERE – 5% off sitewide!

5. I’m looking for a pair of either low or high top white sneakers for every day wear with jeans/dresses etc. Willing to spend a bit more money ($100-400). Any good brands you’ve loved and recommend besides golden goose?!
Honestly love the Chuck 70’s (I got my true size, more comfortable than the originals), love these, and these!

6. How often did you workout when pregnant? I hate feeling guilty/not doing enough.
With Cam and Beckham I hardly worked out – mostly just went on walks. With Mila I could barley get off the couch for the first 17 weeks and then maybe worked out 1-2 times a week. Just listen to your body and don’t feel guilty!
Brooke: I couldn’t workout during any of my pregnancies tbh. With Lulu I developed SPD, so I could barely even walk after 20 weeks. Don’t feel guilty! This is your time to rest, relax, and take care of yourself!

7. I am looking for a tote/mom carry all bag for under $600. Do you know of any designer totes in that range? I don’t mind if its second hand!
This Fendi tote is nylon which means it would be so lightweight, buy an organizer for it and it would be perfect! I love this Off White tote as well – on sale! This one from Proenza is so chic! Can’t go wrong with any of these options!

8. Meggan – can you post the Charleston recommendations you got?
I got so many recommendations! Here are a few of the most popular: Raw 167, the rooftop at The Dewberry, Harken (for coffee and avocado toast), The Ordinary, Leon’s Oyster Shop, Putins Porch, Little Palm Bar, FIG, Husk, Post House Inn, Palmetto Cafe at the Belmond Hotel, Felix, Rue De Jean, Camellias Champagne Bar, the farmers market in Marion Square on Saturday’s, Xiao Bao Biscuit, check out Sullivan’s Island, Callie’s Little Hot Biscuit, and Basic Kitchen. Looks like I’ll just be eating and drinking my way through Charleston lol!

9. Chic shoes (flat and heel options) to wear to a decently formal office setting? Going back for the first time in 2 years and lost!
Heels: this pair and this pair! Flats: this pair and this pair!

10. How would you style the Rag & Bone sweatpants jeans?
With a comfy sweater/sweatshirt or t-shirt and sneakers! We’d keep it casual! These are amazing!

11. I have a two month old baby and am finding it super difficult to pull together outfits for the times I leave the house (afternoon lunch out with the family, happy hour with friends). My jeans don’t fit yet but I hate buying clothes for this period of time that I hope doesn’t last too too long. Any tips on how to dress during this time?
Leggings and oversized sweaters or tops! All black always looks ‘put together,’ and throw on a long cardigan or lightweight coat over the top!

12. Did you use diaper bags? I’m a FTM and overwhelmed by all the products!
I didn’t! I just use my Goyard tote with this insert.
Brooke: Me too!

13. What are your favorite athletic leggings?
My most worn are: the lululemon align, this pair from Amazon, this Tasc Performance pair, and IVL Collective!
Brooke: Everything that Meggan said lol! Exact same!

14. Hi ladies! I’m godmother to my best friend’s baby and am at a loss for gift ideas – do you have any sentimental ideas? I appreciate your help!
This baby book, a sweet personalized frame, a personalized piggy bank, or personalized blanket!

15. Will you do a capsule wardrobe spring/summer blog post? I need inspiration – but simple!
Yes – great idea! We will start working on this and post next week!