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Daily Dose

1. What are your morning routines?
It usually goes like this: wake up at 5:30, skincare routine, make iced coffee (this is my all time favorite), turn on jazz music or a podcast, do manifestations, make my daily to-do list, check email/get some work done, kids wake up around 7 and we do breakfast, get ready for school and head out the door!
Brooke: I do not wake up at 5:30 lol, but Meggan’s routine sounds relaxing, so maybe I’ll try it! I wake up around 6:45-7 most mornings, get out of bed, make iced coffee, do my skincare routine, and immediately start getting the kids ready for school because it always takes longer than we think it will ;). My husband makes breakfast, so we all hang in the kitchen and eat together which I love. After breakfast, I finish getting the big girls ready fo school and Lulu dressed for the day – backpacks, lunches, snacks packed, do hair, brush teeth, make sure they have socks! (why do they never want to wear socks?!), and we are out the door to school around 8:15.

2. Would love Mother’s Day gift ideas $200 and up!
We did a Mother’s Day post here! But also want to add this bracelet, this towel warmer (love mine!), this buttery soft blanket, these sunglasses, and Estelle wine glasses.

3. What designer bag did you think you’d love but end up not using it?
Taupe Chanel boy bag
Hmmm I guess my Chanel backpack – except I do love it, for some reason I just never reach for it!

4. I’d love to see if you have recommendations for summer wedding guest dresses. Max budget $150 but ideally less than $100. Venue is outdoors in Breckinridge. I’m also not super comfortable in the shape I’m in right now, so flattering for curvy figures is always appreciated.
Pretty dresses for an outdoor wedding: here, here, here, and here!

5. How did you two meet and do you live in different cities?
We met in high school through mutual friends! Yes, but we’d love to live close…would be so much fun! Maybe someday!

6. Brooke – where is your tennis necklace from?
It’s from Haute Carat! This is a great look for less from Amazon – I put them next to each other and they look so similar!

7. We are moving and I want to start over with some of our furniture. I’m looking for some affordable bed frames for our master, daughters room (10) and my sons room (7). I love your style so something you would choose!
For the primary bedroom: love this canopy bed! Would also be cute in pink for your daughter’s room. This one is also really pretty! This one is gorgeous, but a little more $. Bunk beds are so much fun for kids – love this one! Here’s another good one for your son. Absolutely love the spindles on this bed for your daughter! Congratulations on the move!

8. Straw bag/tote recommendations?
Love this one, this one, this one, and this one!

9. I leave for Arizona in 3 days and have no idea what to wear! Any suggestions?
A few things we would pack: this off-the-shoulder dress (in black or white), this top, these sandals (go with everything!), these shorts, this fedora, this coverup, and this midi dress.

10. Brooke – I love your evil eye earrings! Can you please share the source?
Yes – my favorite earrings! They’re from Bow & Brooklyn.

13. Do you have any suggestions for an affordable hat to wear for photoshoot (wearing a long white flowy dress with long sleeves)?
Yes – this one, this one (have & love it!), this one, and this one!

Please email your questions to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject!