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Daily Dose

1. What is your favorite travel stroller?
This one
by Nuna!

2. Can you round up staple black booties for fall? Square toe, pointy, or platform!
Yes!! Even though it feels so far away, we are in the mood for fall style! Black booties we’re eyeing: this pair, this pair, this pair, and this pair!

3. What are your postpartum recovery tips? I’m due August 21st with my first!
Congratulations! Our tips are to rest whenever you can as cliche and boring as it sounds. Your emotions are all over the place, you’re overly exhausted, and your body needs to heel. Don’t be afraid to accept or ask for help from friends/family and make sure you’re communicating your needs with your partner! And a few items that helped: this sitz bath soak, these silver nipple shields, this spray bottle, Tucks cooling pads, and this healing foam.

4. Best t-shirt bras?
I love this Jockey one, this Tommy John one, and this True & Co one. All of them are so comfortable!

5. Can you share how you store your jewelry? I hate tossing it in the original packaging!
I use these acrylic compartments from the Container Store – love that they’re stackable!
Brooke: I have this jewelry box from Amazon! And for necklaces I installed hooks in my closet so they don’t get tangled.

6. Meggan – can you talk about your experience with Cam being colic? And how you had more kids after?
Honestly, it was one of the most difficult times of life for me. He was extremely fussy (pretty much cried all day) and always wanted to be held in a certain position. You had to be standing up, him facing out, doing slow bounces. If you sat down in the exact position while still bouncing, he would scream lol. I was dealing with postpartum depression and anger and I was embarrassed to talk about it at the time. I put on a front that I was fine and loving motherhood, which I regret now! But Cam got easier as he got older – age 1.5/2 I started feeling better about being a mom. I always knew I wanted 3 kids and when we started talking about having baby #2, I was terrified! Everyone told me I got my “hard one” out of the way so that gave me some hope lol. When I got pregnant, I told my doctor how I was feeling scared and we decided I would start Lexapro 2 weeks before my due date to help with PPD. I also felt more prepared with the 2nd because I knew how bad it could get. But Mila was soo easy compared to Cam. Going from 0-1 kids was way harder for me than 1-2 and 2-3! And I have to add that Cam is seriously the sweetest, easiest going, chill kid.

7. Favorite baby girl and boy names?
Names we liked and didn’t use…
Boy: Hayes, Henry, Jack, Tate, Harrison, Graham.
Girl: Penelope, Ryan, Gigi, Greer, Elle, Leni, Willow.

8. I have a disco themed bachelorette party to attend but don’t want to spend a lot of money – any outfit suggestions?
Fun dress options under $100: here, here, here, and here! & Nastygal has a whole disco section here! Love this bag and these earrings for accessories!

9. Where is your houndstooth blanket from?
– it’s actually a baby blanket! All the blankets from TOA are so soft and the regular size ones are huge.

10. I’m buying my first designer bag! I like classic and something that will last. What do you like that’s under 2k?
So exciting! We like this Gucci bag, this Bottega crossbody, this mini YSL, and this Ferragamo one!

11. What outfits/pieces would you pack for Paris in October?
We would pack: this black blazer, this button down, this sweater, these boots, this pull-over, this blazer, this beanie, this cardigan, and the ultra mini UGG boots.

12. Brooke – can you please link your playpen? I will have 2 under 2 soon!
It’s this one! It’s huge – perfect for 2!

13. I’ve been pregnant, breastfeeding or quarantined forever and I haven’t bought many new clothes. What to wear to a girls’ weekend to Miami in September- outfits, shoes, bags everything!
Ohhh so fun! We would pack: this shirt dress (can be dressed up or casual), these sandals, this slip dress, this bodysuit, this fun bag, this maxi, these heels, this LBD, and this jumpsuit.

14. Can you link your kids matching pajamas from when y’all were together? So cute!
from Amazon – they come in lots of cute prints!

15. How do the Hermes oran sandals run?
I’ve found each pair run a bit differently. Overall I’d say they are TTS, but I have one 38 and another 38.5. Thankfully free shipping and returns!

16. Brooke – do you miss having blonde in your hair? Is it hard to upkeep/are you dealing with grays?
I don’t miss the blonde at all really! I don’t have grays yet, so the upkeep is much easier than when I was blonde!

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