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1. What designer handbags do you own that you would never sell?
YSL flap (1st designer bag I bought!), Chanel medium flap, and my Hermés evelyn and kelly!
Brooke: Hermés Kelly, Chanel boy, and Chanel medium flap in red.

2. Do you think Kathy Hilton is as crazy as Rinna is making her seem?
We think she had a moment (like they all have), but Rinna is majorly exaggerating.

3. What are your favorite travel outfits?
Comfy! Sweats typically or super comfortable pants, and never jeans.

4. I find it so hard to make “me time” with two kids. You guys seem to do it so well making time for yourself. Any pointers? Thanks!
Ask for help so you can make “me time.” Moms do it all, but it’s so important for our mental health to be individuals as well and not just “mom.” Whether that means having family help watch the kids for a few hours, your partner, or getting a babysitter – don’t feel guilty for taking time to yourself. It’s a double standard when it comes to moms vs dads – dads usually aren’t asked “Where are your kids/Who’s with your kids?” if they are golfing or at a meeting, lunch, or dinner, but moms are. You have to take care of yourself in order to be the best mom you can be! Also – it does get easier to find time as your kids get older, so hold on to that!

5. Meggan – what shoes do you wear to play tennis?
The NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro in white!

6. Any advice for picking yourself back up after a 5 year long distance relationship breakup?
As cliche as it sounds, time will heal! Give yourself grace and let yourself feel the emotions you need to feel in order to move forward. Spend time on yourself, doing what you love, with friends, and find a new hobby you love to keep yourself busy! You’ve got this!

7. What are your fall must-have shoes?
A pair of western boots (love this pair & this pair), clogs (got this pair!), UGG tazz mule, and a great pair of lug boots!

8. What perfume would you suggest for my late October wedding (I’m the bride)?
Perfume is so personal, but this one is beautiful and smells so good in the fall!

9. Have you seen any dupes for the Isabel Marant Rouxy boots?
Not necessarily dupes but love this pair and this pair – very similar vibes! These are also great – love the color.

10. What is a good everyday tote that zips for grocery shopping, traveling, errands, etc.?
Not sure of the price range you’re looking for, but a few great ones at different price points: one, two, three, four, and five! Not all these have zippers though – hard to find those!

11. Would love to see some coin necklace options!
Love this one, this one, and this one!

12. Will you still be wearing the Gucci Princetown mules this year? Any other loafers you love?
Yes – they are a classic! A couple other pairs we’re loving are these and these!

13. Dress suggestion a night out in Miami please!
This one
, this one, or this one! And if you really want to splurge, obsessed with this Mara Hoffman one!

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