Easy Ways To Make Your Life Feel Luxurious

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At the beginning of the year, we had y’all tell us little things you do to make you life feel luxe and complied it onto this blog post. There were so many helpful/fun ideas so we did round 2!
Wearing perfume, even you’re not doing anything.

Playing Nancy Meyers soundtracks while cooking!

I roll and stack face towels by my sink like they do in hotels!

I have a standing appointment for a blowout when the kids are in school every Friday.

In a committed relationship with my manicurist!

Sparking water in a wine glass with lemon/lime or berries when I’m not drinking alcohol!

Cloth napkins instead of paper. Every time!

Opening the “good wine” even if it’s just for you. On a Tuesday.

Putting fancy lotion on before bed.

I turn on mellow music and light a candle at night when I’m tidying up the house.

I wear nice jewelry even if I’m in sweats.

Chilled, weighted eye mask before bed to de-puff and fall asleep!

Turn down service for myself at night!

Lounging in my matching pj set and nice slippers on weekend mornings.

Silk pillow case, eye mask and good hand cream at night.

Valet parking!

I use Laundress Le Labo on my sheets and towels.

I store my flat iron in a pretty vase

I pre-set my coffee machine the night before so it’s ready when I wake up!

Gua sha daily!

I hired a nanny for a few hours every Monday so I can get our life together for the week and still enjoy the weekend without having to clean, do laundry or errands.

Take a bath in the middle of a Saturday with no plans for the rest of the day.

Expensive and quality cheese!

Cozy blanket, cup of tea, good book.

Wash and fold service at the laundromat, especially for sheets. Crisp!

I have a monthly massage membership!

Bought a lip balm for the living room, bedroom and purse so I never have to search around.

Eucalyptus shower spray for spa vibes!

Buying a pebble ice maker – luxe ice coffee and cold water everyday.

I invest in good hand soaps for my kitchen and bathrooms.

Fresh flowers weekly!

Get a bi-weekly mani and pedi. I feel like a new woman afterwards!

Splurgy face towels from May Lindstrom.

Spending whatever I want on skincare (but I’m so cheap when it comes to clothes lol).

Hair extension clip-ins. Instantly makes me feel glam!

Wine subscription to our favorite winery – love to share during dinner parties!

Hired lawn care!

Soaking my feet in hot water with epson salt and essential oils.

I keep my face masks in the fridge!

Getting my car professionally detailed a few times a year. Kids are so messy!

Facials, microneedling, lip filler & botox.

Fancy candles and good wine!

I put all my lamps on timers that come on nightly. No bright lights in the house after dark!

So simple but take a bath at least 2x per week in peace and quiet.

Donna Karen Cashmere Mist deodorant!

Use a cocktail napkin with my morning coffee.

Putting a vinyl record on while I cook. Or just sitting with a glass of wine listening.

Lighting all the candles while I work from home.

My husband and I have charcuterie and wine on the patio every Sunday.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – the lavender calms and puts me to sleep right away!

Fresh mint, lime and sparking water in a pretty glass.

Spend the extra $10 on the next tier pedi!

A hair mask and a glass of chilled red on a Friday night. Nothing better!

Cute pajama sets 100%

Hiring someone to do our laundry twice a week. So worth it.

Coffee before everyone in the house wakes up with candles and my shows on!

Always have fresh flowers on dining table and cleaning service 2x a month!