Brooke’s Favorite Amazon Purchases From 2022

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These curtains are probably my favorite Amazon purchase of all time. They look so good & were a fraction of cost of true custom drapery. All of my exact order details are saved on our IG Highlights under “curtains.”

Another big Amazon purchase this year was my standing desk and desk treadmill setup. Zero regrets!

This silk pillowcase + scrunchie set is so soft – rivals my Slip case.

The best nipple covers I’ve tried! I used mine so many times before I ended up repurchasing another pair.

These long sleeve bibs are amazing – I don’t use regular bibs anymore. All of Lulu’s clothes stay clean at meal time thanks to these!

I’m not sure how I lived so long without these wristband towels – genius! Water was always running down my arms while washing my face, but not anymore! Perfect stocking stuffer!

The lipo-spheric Vitamin C I swear by. Now that it’s cold and flu season I take it daily for a boost of Vitamin C. It doesn’t taste good, but I put it in a small shot of water and it’s fine!

I’ve had these hoops in gold for a couple years & recently bought the silver. Love them – lightweight, comfy, and don’t irritate my ears.

Ok, I can’t remember is this was a 2021 or 2022 purchase, but it was around the holidays, so it’s going on this list. The best ice maker in the world!

The Nike crew socks I wear almost daily. Self explanatory & I can always find them in stock here.

I get so many questions about this doormat & guests can’t believe it’s from Amazon. It’s super nice & thick!

This portable charger is a necessity, especially for travel. It holds the best charge of any I’ve tried and I love that you just plug it right into the wall to charge it – no extra cords needed. There’s a 30% off coupon right now!

The gold eye patches!

Drink Recess – my favorite flavor is Strawberry Rose. If you’re looking for an alcohol alternative, highly recommend! I have mine on subscription.

My friend told me about these pajamas for Lulu & now they’re one of my favorites. I ordered up a size so she can wear them for a long time.

This lip replenisher is really thick and sticky (so I like to put it on at night), but it works so well. My lips are chronically chapped & I’ve tired it all. This is definitely in my top 3 lip products.

This retractible baby gate is so much more convenient than the metal ones I used to have. I love that it can be in use, or not – and out of the way!