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Daily Dose

1. What is something you are gatekeeping? TIBAL was recently asked this and I loved the answer/non answer!
Honestly nothing! I suppose I was gatekeeping where I do sculpt because the classes fill up quick, but I recently posted that!
Brooke: Really nothing! I would have said my nail salon because it was next to impossible to get an appointment & my friends would have broken up with me, but they closed so now I’m trying other spots and haven’t found a great one yet!

2. Starting my closet from scratch on a budget. Any great staple recs from H&M?
Yes – so many options! Love these jeans, this oversized button down, these sandals, this striped shirt, this blazer, these sweatpants, this sweater, this cardigan, and this ribbed dress. These are all great options that you can mix/match and layer!

3. Could you tell me what socks you guys wear with your New Balances? Like for the scrunchy look?
Love this pair and this pair, depending on the length you want.

4. What are you looking forward to this summer?
We rented a house in CT and will be minutes away from B and her family! Going to be SO much fun. My kids are so excited to be close to the girls! I loathe summer in Dallas so I’m happy to be leaving!
Brooke: Cannot wait for Meggan & fam to be here, it’s going to be the best time! Warm weather, boat days, beach dinners…I love summer & we’re ready! I’m looking forward to teaching Lulu how to swim as well.

5. What is something you wish you had done in renovations to your house? And what is something you did in a renovation that now looking back is whatever?
We really didn’t renovate much when we moved in – just a couple of the bathrooms which I’m super happy with still. They were in rough shape. I would love to do a few little upgrades in our kitchen to make it feel more like “us” – new backsplash, maybe paint the island a different color. One thing I’m so happy with is the beams we added to our vaulted ceiling in our living room.

6. What are 1-3 things to splurge on and 1-3 things to save on when wedding planning?
I’m glad I splurged on the band and videographer. And I’m glad I saved on invites (went very simple), champagne toast, and favors!
Brooke: Completely agree – a live band was the most fun, and I love having a video rather than just photos! This may be unpopular opinion, but I saved on my dresses – I had two, and I was so happy I saved. I tried on dresses in a bunch of priced ranges, and ended up getting two from a sample sale for less than $1k for both. It seemed silly to me to spend thousands on a dress you wear for a few hours.

7. Can you please link some cute sneakers for summer dresses (not GG!)?
Love this pair, this pair, and this pair!

8. B – Can you share the paint color and finish you went with for your girls room?
We ended up with Love & Happiness by Benjamin Moore in eggshell for the walls & Simply White for the trim. Love and Happiness is also on the ceiling in a matte finish. I was a little stressed about the walls being too shiny but they’re not, it turned out great! We are redecorating their room (when we moved in they were 3 & 5), now they’re (almost) 8 & 10 and want a more “tween” room. I’ll share more as we go – so far we’ve only done the paint.

9. What are some good gifts for tweens and teens? SOS my daughter’s 12th birthday is coming up!
Skincare, Aviator Nation, squishmallows. It’s all my nieces and daughter want. My niece just turned 12 and I sent her a ton of stuff from Ulta and she loved it. Here’s what I ordered: this scrub, a few of these masks, this lip oilthis butter gloss, a skincare headband, and facial spray. You could also get a cute cosmetic bag to hold it all.

10. Need recommendations for budget friendly coverups and sandals for vacation!
Five coverup options: one, two, three, four, five. And five sandal options: one, two, three, four (in linen!), five.

11. Do you think Schwartz knew?
Lol – yes! Maybe not the entire time but he definitely knew!

12. I would love recommendations for day and night Italy outfits in July! Going to the Amalfi Coast and Lake Como!
Jealous! Some pieces we would pack: this dress, this top, these linen pants, this dress, this coverup, these sandals, this mini dress, and this maxi dress.

13. Spring handbag recommendations please!
I saw this bag in pink the other day at BG & it’s so much better in person, SO fun for spring. Still a great bag, and comes in tons of colors. Love this basket tote. I’ll be carrying this one all spring & summer – great size and will go with everything! Absolutely love this bag & it’s just under $400!

14. B – Are you loving your new haircut? It’s making me want to cut mine!
Yes, I love it! Go for it, it’s just hair and it will grow back. It’s a fun cut for spring and summer, not to mention so quick to style!

15. Have either of you ever dealt with hair loss?
Yes, I dealt with major hair loss when I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. It can be such a struggle!
Meggan: Just postpartum hair loss! My hair is thinning a little on the sides so I started taking Nutrafol – stayed tuned to see if it works!