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Daily Dose

1. Any spring shoes you’ve purchased or eyeing?
Brooke: M & Jenna got me the hot red Orans for my birthday & I bought this pair. These platforms are so comfy and easy to wear & under $100.
Meggan: I have a slight shoe addiction lol – these flats, these linen mules, this neutral pair, these platforms, and this blue beaded pair.

2. Do either of you want more kids? How do you know when you’re ready to “be done”?
Brooke: No, we are done. I knew we weren’t done after 2, but we feel “complete” now. I don’t have a specific answer how I know we’re done, but it’s just a feeling.
Meggan: We are also done! Kyle thought he wanted 4 kids (he’s 1 of 4) so I considered, but now we feel like our family is complete. Three kids is overwhelming at times and I can’t imagine adding another to the mix!

3. What’s your opinions on the YSL Sac De Jour? It used to be one of my dream designer bags. Since then, I’ve been able to get others but lately I’ve been considering buying one, likely a brown in the baby size. I know they’re definitely not trendy now but are they super dated?
While it had a trending moment for sure, it’s not super dated, it’s a classic shape. Also really love this one – very similar shape and comes in lots of sizes!

4. Suggestions for moms that are chasing toddlers in and out of the baby pool?
Honestly, love a rash sleeve style! So many cute options here. Love the cut of this one & it has adjustable straps, seems like it would stay in place! This one looks great, too!

5. Any mattress recommendations?
We really like our Leesa mattress!

6. Brooke – your skin always looks so hydrated! Secret to keeping it from drying in the NE winter?
Thank you! My skin used to be so dry, but once I started investing a bit more into my routine, it completely changed. It’s still dry as a skin type, but I don’t deal with the flaking I used to. Our BYOS serum is honestly the biggest game changer – last time I had a facial, my esthetician told me my redness and dryness were so much better and at that time, that was the only new product I had been using. Can’t wait until it’s launched! Other products I love for hydration: this HA (15% off right now with code SS15), this face oil (on sale!), the ultra rich marine cream, and this ultra hydration serum.

7. What spontaneous purchase turned out to be something you love?
Brooke: This electric spin scrubber for the shower!
Meggan: Baccarat Rouge 540 – I kept seeing the hype on social media and decided to order. I thought I would return because of the price but ended up loving it.

8. Meggan – link for your bedroom wallpaper please?
It’s this one from Burke Decor!

9. How do you guys coordinate what each of you will post?
For sponsored posts, we (obviously) both agree before accepting a campaign, then we will usually just write out all of our projects and who is doing what. We don’t really have a method, but if someone uses a certain product, they would do that post for example. Otherwise for brands like Saks and Nordstrom, we just split them up evenly. For everyday and non-sponsored content, we just post what and when we each feel like it.

10. I’m hosting a pj/game night for mommas. Any recommendations on games to play?
I don’t play a ton of games but You Laugh You Drink is a big hit with my friends and I!

11. I was wondering if you could make some recommendations for what to wear to an upcoming gala I’m attending in May in LA. The attire is cocktail and it’s an event to support maternal mental health!
Obsessed with this dress. This dress is so pretty in pink. Love this one in black! The details on this dress are amazing and it’s 50% off!