How To: Build A Wardrobe – 10 Essentials For Your Closet

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We’re often asked how we would build a wardrobe from scratch. Whether it’s the evolving of styles, changing of seasons, or simply wanting a closet revamp, it’s a common theme in our DMs. Everyone has their own ‘essentials,’ but here are my top 10 I would recommend for anyone’s closet. These items can easily be mixed and matched, worn many different ways & worn over and over. Since we’re heading into fall, this is going to be the fall edit. I’m also going to include shoes/accessories at the bottom of this post, but the list is focused on clothing.

1. White Tee
I love this one ($75), this one ($39), this one ($39), and this one ($19).

2. Black Trousers
A great black trouser can be worn year-round. A few great options: here ($218), here ($148), and here ($59).

3. Straight Leg Jeans
No rips, just a clean pair of denim that you can wear everywhere like this pair ($188), this pair ($89), this pair ($89), and this pair ($44).

4. Black Blazer
This one is a big splurge ($850), it’s on my lustlist. This is a fan favorite & currently 40% off ($330).  This one ($306) is most-worn in my closet. This one is the best budget-friendly option ($65).

5. Trench Coat
I love this vintage Burberry ($475), this is very classic ($398), along with this one ($119), and this one ($99).

6. Leather Jacket
This distressed brown jacket is beautiful ($550), I love the cut of this one ($249), and a few great faux-leather options here ($198), and here ($84).

7. Slip Skirt – black or ivory (my vote if choosing between the two would be black)
This one ($198) is my personal favorite after trying so many, here’s an option just under $100 with great reviews ($98), this one is on sale ($64), and this one also has a lot of amazing reviews ($39).

8. Black Tee or Tank
An essential for layering – this one ($88), this one ($38), this one ($25), and this one ($17) are all great.

9. Cashmere Sweater – black, gray, camel, or ivory
This is a beautiful splurge ($568), love this fine knit option ($149), and this one is a cult favorite at a good price-point ($128).

10. Denim Jacket
This could be a true denim jacket or more of a shacket, depending on your preference. A classic jacket ($248), love the cut of this one ($146), this shacket is so good ($118), and this one is a great price ($50).