Sephora Holiday Savings Event: What I’m Eyeing

Here’s what I’m eyeing (or already own, and love!) from the Sephora Holiday Savings Event. Use code TIMETOSAVE at checkout!


Neck Cream: I’ve been using this for over a year now & love it. A must-have in my skincare drawer.

Neck Serum: Another must-have for me – I love the application of this! I like to layer this under the neck cream.

Toner: This is the toner my husband uses (aka I put on his vanity for him). It’s a great everyday toner for exfoliating dead skin & unclogging pores.

Peppermint Lip Mask: This is seasonal, and it’s so good! I actually bought it a few weeks ago before the event & I never want to run out. Peppermint is def my favorite!

Hand Sanitizer: These make the best stocking stuffers!

Eye Cream: I had this eye cream a few years ago & loved it. Going to try it again.



Foundation: I buy this once a year – during this event lol. It’s expensive, but it’s so good. I wear shade 5.5.

Concealer: Loving this concealer lately, and I’m almost out so I’ll be restocking. I’m shade Fawn.

Lit Up Highlight Stick: I’ve heard such great things about this, and I’m going to try it in the shade LIT.

Eyeshadow: A recent purchase of mine, love this palette  so much! Can’t say enough great things about it – so versatile, perfect for everyday or an event!

Pressed Powder: This is such a great pressed powder, a cult classic for a reason. Doesn’t get cakey, makes your skin look airbrushed! I use shade 1 for under my eyes.

Setting Spray: I’m on my last few sprtizes of my favorite setting spray, have been holding out for this sale before repurchasing!

Gloss Bomb: Love this in multiple shades – Hot Chocolit is my fall & winter favorite!

Lip Gloss: Another gloss – I own this in clear and it’s so good! Hydrating and smooth, I’m eyeing Sepia.

Lip Liner: Iconic Nude is my perfect nude liner, it’s so so good!


Salicylic Acid Scalp Serum: I love this scalp serum, great for sensitive scalp girlies!

Dream Coat: This is a great anti-frizz treatment, repurchasing!

Detox Shampoo: This was on my September favorites, and I’ll be restocking while I can save! Such a good detox shampoo.


Brazilian Crush: This is on my girls’ holiday withslist, so I’ll be grabbing it while it’s on sale! THIS ONE smells like Baccarat Rouge 540!

By the Fireplace: I own this & love it for fall and winter. A great date night fragrance. The candle is on my wishlist.

Phlur Missing Person: I had a sample of this & loved it, purchasing the full-size during the sale!