A List Of Hacks & Little Luxuries To Elevate Your Daily Life

Phone on Do Not Disturb a majority of the time & a “phone curfew” of 8:30/9pm – phone goes away.

Fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s every week!

A bubble bath with candles and no or low light – it makes a difference!

Buy the thing I really want. Even if it’s more $$$. That way I’m not trying to find “the next best option” and end up buying multiple items.

Applying sunscreen with a makeup brush!

Only drinking when I’m celebrating – not if I’m having a bad day, if I’m sad, or if I’m stressed. This has helped my mood/anxiety SO much.

Burning the good candles & drinking anything and everything out of the fancy glassware.

Habit stacking! Audiobook while driving, podcast while getting nails done.

Finally buying nice underwear – game changer!

Investing in high quality basics instead of grabbing 10 of everything from Zara.

Putting my face in a big bowl of ice water every morning – it de-puffs, helps with anxiety, and really wakes you up!

The Hatch Restore alarm clock!

Sodastream – never paying for sparkling water again.

Eucalyptus hanging in my shower – feels like a spa and is inexpensive!

Using as much product as I want (shampoo, serums, etc). More is more & I’m worth it!

If you forget deodorant, hand sanitizer works just as well!

I pay a college girl to meal prep and fold my laundry & do basic cleaning.

Towel warmer after a shower!

Having a shared note with your partner of gift ideas you love – less guessing is key!

The Pomodoro cleaning method!

Doing a face mask while I’m pumping or feeding my baby!

Gua sha and facial steam each night before bed with a candle lit. Then legs up on the wall!

Face framing highlights only when you need a refresh!

Heated toilet seat & bidet.

Fancy hand soap in all the bathrooms – feels luxe!

Dawn power wash to clean bathroom tiles.

Gel pedicures OMG!

Listening to jazz while I cook or clean – such a vibe!

Every Sunday I do this to make me feel good for the week: face mask, white strips, self tan.

Put a heating pad at the foot of your bed while you do skincare/brush teeth – feels so good to get into a warm bed!

House manager once/week for a couple hours to complete all the things I didn’t get to.

A gym with childcare for a stay-at-home-mom.

Scheduling Chinese food & ice cream delivery for after an everything shower + a movie!

Magnesium before bed – spray for he bottom of the feet.

Waiting 48 hours before making a purchase – cuts down on impulse shopping!

Laser hair removal – SO worth it.

Adding cinnamon to my milk in the frother. Makes my Nespresso latte taste so good!

Lavender in my bedroom diffuser before bed!

Double batch soups, chili, meat sauce – freeze in 1x portion for busy weeks or post vacation.