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Daily Dose

1. Best black blazer investment piece?
If you like an oversized fit, we both love The Frankie Shop Beau blazer! If you like a regular fit, this one is perfect!

2. What are 10 wardrobe essentials for spring (budget friendly please!)?
10 essentials for spring: a trench coat, a crisp white button down, a great pair of jeans (love this pair & this pair), a leather belt, bodysuit, a tailored trouser, a denim button down, pair of flats, a lightweight cardigan, a versatile dress. These are all great basics you can build off and mix-and-match!

3. What is it really like being an influencer? Crazy busy, good work/life balance?
It’s all the things you said above lol! Sometimes it’s crazy busy, other times it’s not as crazy and the work/life balance feels really good. While it’s a lot of work, you choose your workload, and it’s not hard (despite what some influencers say lol). There is a sense of pressure that’s not the most fun – pressure to keep up, pressure to perform for brands, pressure to look good, pressure to not say or do the wrong thing, etc. but there’s good and bad that comes with any job and this is no different. We would probably say the toughest hurdle to overcome is dealing with opinions of thousands of people on the internet, and while most people are GOOD, of course there’s always a few trolls. We’re thankful to have this community & this job!

4. Best way to snap out of an anxiety tumble?
Some things that work for us: stay off social media, go on a walk (or any form of exercise!) + listen to a podcast, write a gratitude list, doing the 5-4-3-2-1 technique.

5. Can you use the Rewind serum in addition to retinol? What would be the order of layering?
We do – test patch is always good! According to my esthetician – apply products thinnest to thickest, so depending on your retinol, use that guideline!

6. Any spring trends or pieces you’re excited about?
I bought this bag in white on sale & I’m excited to use it for spring and summer! Loooove the black also – it wasn’t on sale previously, but is now! Also loving all the denim pieces (not just jeans), definitely going to lean into that this spring!

7. I’m remodeling my kitchen and need cabinet color and tile inspiration!
I painted mine Benjamin Moore Cheyenne Green and I’m loving it – it’s neutral, but a little different! Also love a classic cream color! We both have square 4×4 zellige tile and love love love! It’s definitely trending, but it’s not trendy!

8. If you had $1500 to spend on a designer item, what would it be?
Hmm…maybe a bag or a great pair of shoes! Some pieces we love: one, two, three.

9. What’s your favorite white interior paint color?
Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover!

10. I have a wedding in Cabo coming up. Guest dress recommendations under $300?
Love this one, this one, this one, and this one!

11. What would you suggest for a nice piece of jewelry for a 35th birthday present? Reasonably priced but an investment piece!
Anything from Ring Concierge! Love these bracelets, this tennis bracelet, or this personalized necklace!

12. What would you wear to a chic wedding in San Fransisco in March?
This dress is stunning, this one is classically gorgeous – love the back, pale yellow is in for spring and this is beautiful, and absolutely love this one!

13. What are your top 3 jean picks recently? Are high waisted/super wide leg out?? I can’t keep up!
I personally love a super wide leg and think you should wear what you’re most comfortable in! My go-to pairs are here, here, and here.
Brooke: Agree, wear what you love! My current top pairs: one, two, three!

14. Would love a dress roundup for Mexico spring break!
Ah yes so many pretty dresses are out right now! A few options: this white denim dress, this off-the-shoulder dress, this cut-out dress, this orange dress, this midi dress, and this hot pink dress. If you want to (really lol) splurge, this Johanna Ortiz dress is gorgeous!

15. What’s the #1 thing you did or wish you did postpartum? I’m expecting my first this week!
Brooke: Congratulations! Honestly it’s cliche, but I would say the best things is rest! With my first I felt pressure to get up and get going right away/get out and do things, but by my third I realized how important it is to take things super slow and truly rest. Take time to soak it up, because the nights seem can be exhausting, but it goes so quickly! One thing I always thought sounded amazing, but I never did was a night nurse…I know everyone has differing opinions on this but friends of mine who have/had one say it’s life changing in terms of your mental health because you actually get to sleep.