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Daily Dose

1. What’s the last thing you both ordered?
Brooke: These Celine inspired sunglasses – only $15!
Meggan: I snagged the Stella McCartney jacket Brooke posted to stories a few days ago. Love the colors!

2. Have either of you purchased bags via resale? (The Real Real, Fashionphile, etc.)
Yes! We’ve bought from Fashionphile, Julia Rose Boston, The Real Real, and eBay!

3. Would love suggestions for black tie wedding guest dresses for under $350!
Dress options: one, two (favorite!), three, four.

4. What are you currently reading?
I just started The Coworker – her books are quick/easy reads!
The True Love Experiment

5. What are cute sneakers for spring? I have New Balance, Veja and Sambas.
I wear my Autry sneakers all the time – they’re so comfortable and go with everything. The silver pair is cute for spring!

6. Fun spring tablescape inspo?!
Love all the green on this table, this neutral one (the scalloped plates are cute!), this pink/orange scheme, and this Italian inspired one!

7. If you could buy any bag right now (not Hermes) what would it be?
I would buy the Bottega large hop!
Meggan: I’m going with a Bottega bag too – the small east/west andiamo.

8. I got the Prada loafers two years ago and have only worn them a handful of times. Should I sell?
I would try to wear them a few more times! If you end up not loving them/reaching for them, definitely sell!

9. Do you both still take Lexapro and it’s helping?
Yes and yes!

10. I’m going to a formal garden party themed wedding in New Orleans in April. What do I wear?!
Love the theme! Dresses we would wear: here, here, here, and here!

11. What to wear for dinner in Maui?
Some cute options: this floral dress, this yellow dress, this puff sleeve dress, this linen top + matching skort, or this romper.

12. Can you please post work outfits (with links) for someone who has to dress up everyday?
Office wear pieces: these tailored pants, these slingback flats, this turtleneck bodysuit, this tweed bomber jacket, these pants, this dress, this top, this cardigan, and this crewneck sweater.