Five Recent Reads I Couldn’t Put Down

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Daily Dose

+ The Last Mrs. Parrish – I can’t believe it took me so long to read this book because I love psychological thrillers (especially about extremely wealthy families lol). I was quickly invested and loved the big twist that I did not see coming – reminded me of Gone Girl.

+ The Coworker – I’m a huge fan of Freida McFadden’s books. They are suspenseful thrillers that suck you in and you finish in a day. This one is about a co-worker who goes missing with lots of twists and surprises.

+ Listen For The Lie – The format of this book was fun! It’s about a true-crime podcast that is trying to solve a murder in a small Texas town. It kept me guessing till the end!

+ Part of Your World – This was a super cute/easy read and I loved the two main characters. I ordered Yours Truly to read next!

+ The Women – One of my favorite books I’ve ever read – it was so emotional and well written (like all Kristin Hannah books). I learned so much about the Vietnam War and life in the 70’s. I will never forget this book! 5/5 recommend!