Habits You’ve Started This Year That Have Improved Your Life

Drinking a gallon of water a day. My skin looks younger, my dark circles are less intense, and I’ve lost weight.

Cold water rinse after I shower, even for 15 seconds. Feel like it helps my mood!

Purging my closet seasonally and only buying new pieces that fill gaps in my wardrobe.

Actually taking 30 minutes before bed to wind down. My sleep is unreal now!

Using the MyFitness Pal app to tracking everything…it really helps me make better choices.

Drinking 32oz of lemon water and AG1 till noon.

Saying no – helps save money, less stress, sticking with good eating and workouts.

Drinking a full glass of water right when I wake up!

Taking medication for my anxiety and depression.

Braiding my hair every night before bed. My hair looks better in the morning and it’s healthier!

Stopped drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

Drinking bone broth in the AM and listening to audiobooks while doing household chores.

Eating 130g of protein per day – it gives me so much more energy.

Dry brushing!

REALLY cut back on drinking. 1-3 drinks per week!

Bible in a Year podcast every morning. Best 15 minutes to start your day – mindful and greatful!

When upset – ask yourself will this matter in 5 minutes? 5 weeks? 5 months? Etc.

Reading instead of scrolling before bed and asleep by 9:30.

Standing date night every Friday!

Spending less time on my phone when I’m around my kids.

5am wake up for intentional time with my husband and then gym before the kids get up!

Doing a few squats and jumping jacks just after waking up and before going to bed. A low pressure way to get some movement in when I don’t have energy for a full workout.

2+ miles on the treadmill every morning!

Food prepping on Sunday!

No TV at night and read instead! I sleep so much better and feel less stressed.

Taking magnesium at bedtime.

Working out while my baby naps. Can always get at least 20 minutes in!

Swimming, weightlifting and getting serious about nutrition (I’m 45).


Complimenting random people when I like their vibe!

Only drinking on the weekends – obviously will make exceptions but generally try to abide!

Mouth taping while I sleep!! Benefits are beyond belief!

Consistently lifting weights.

Liquid chlorophyll daily and better hormones support drink.

Doing pilates three days a week! Loving having a healthy habit and routine to follow.

Setting out things for my kids lunches the night before so I can assemble faster.

Cutting out sugar!

I declutter anything I haven’t used within six months.

Swapped coffee for matcha and have noticed a big difference in my energy and have less anxiety!

Blocked Instagram on my phone 7am-7pm Monday-Friday.

Taking gratitude walks!

Doing smaller loads of laundry throughout the week.

Using a red light mask.

Strength classes two times a week to start. Started small and gradually adding weight – it’s worked!

Setting boundaries with working hours – hard 7-4.

Getting routine blood work. So helpful to know what’s working for my body/hormones.

Going for an evening walk in place of an evening glass of wine.

Not looking at my phone right when I wakeup.

AGI, pilates, a clean kitchen every night, making my bed always.

Waking up and immediately going for a walk outside (before coffee, looking at my phone, etc.)

Water with minerals in the morning, high protein diet, and morning sun.

Going grocery shopping with dinner recipes already in mind – keeps spending under control!

Tongue scraping and taking colostrum!

Not giving an F!

Five minute journal every morning and night.

No coffee for two hours after I wakeup…less anxiety and no afternoon crash.

 If it takes less than a minute, do it now!

Using a waterpik after brushing and flossing.

I worked through childhood trauma to release resentment.

Turn on the calm app daily meditation as I get out of bed and listen as I make it.

Doing a five minute stretch while my coffee brews.

Playground time immediately after school. The kids get all their school emotions out.

Hiring a nanny.

Checking books out from the library so I’m held to a deadline to read more books!

Stretching before bed.

WAY less alcohol consumption. 1-2 times a month now and it’s so good!

Reading at lunch. I read so much more.

Actually taking advantage of the flexibility my career provides.

Outsourcing more of my small home tasks. It’s definitely a privilege but has helped so much!

Started gardening!

Warm lemon water first thing in AM and at least 30g of protein within an hour of waking up.

Using your BYOS Rewind serum AM and PM!

Paleovalley chocolate or vanilla bone broth protein powder – so good in coffee and 14g of protein!

Listening to my body.

If something takes under 2 minutes, just do it! Don’t procrastinate.

Doing Pvolve workouts!

Every Saturday morning I clean my sinks and sponge holder. So much easier and less gross.

Being consistent with am and pm skincare routines!

Aiming for 7.5 hours of sleep.

Setting my coffee machine up the night before so in the am all I have to do is press the button.

Tidying up the house every night before bed.

25-30g of protein with each meal.

Being present at breakfast before work with my daughter.

Drinking electrolytes every day!

Setting a time limit for phone use! It’s helped me be more present.

Doing Sculpt Society workouts.

Deep breathing – crazy how it can shift your nervous system so quickly!

Keeping body lotion in the shower to use after toweling off. Simple aha moment.

Close down the kitchen and living room every night.

Walking after I eat lunch!

Staying consistent with my HIIT workouts. Only three times a week since January = big difference.

Having a sleepy girl cocktail before bed.

Using an infrared sauna. My skin has never looked better!

More prayer time.

It might sound silly but waking up 10-15 minutes earlier.

Saying no when I’m feeling over extended.

Getting 8 hours of sleep. The last two years I was growing my business and was only getting 4 hours, it wrecked me!

Writing a dinner meal plan for the week.

Waking up an hour before the kids to workout and get ready. Life changing!

Using a digital habit tracker – purchased via Etsy.

Drinking green juice right when I wake up!