Currently Loving: Hiker Boots

We are loving the hiker boot trend this season – they’re so stylish, comfortable, and perfect for cooler weather. We both just got new boots from The Frye Company (favvvvooorite!), and are obsessed. If you want to invest in a pair of boots, we highly recommend Frye! They’re handcrafted, amazing quality, and timeless. I (Meggan) got the Veronica Short boots for Christmas years ago and they still look and feel new.

I went with the Samantha Hiker boot – they’re sturdy and extremely comfortable. I love the extra touch that the red laces and shearling collar add. I thought I’d have to break them in a little since the leather is so thick, but they didn’t need to be! I wore them all last weekend (literally all day everyday lol) without any issues. I went with my true size and have enough room to wear a thick sock.

They look cute casually paired with leggings or jeans!

If it isn’t obvious, the hiker/combat is my favorite boot style of the season…I’m in love and I’ve been wearing them non-stop! This pair from Frye definitely takes the cake – super high quality, comfortable, and stylish! I love the studded buckles, and the fact that there is no zipper on the side. I know, it’s easier to put boots on when there is a side zipper, but I just think it looks better when there isn’t one…personal preference! They run true to size (and I can still wear a decently thick sock with them).

Uhg, they’re just tooooo good! Frye boots are definitely worth the investment because they last for years, one of my favorite boot companies of all time! I’m not kidding you when I say I still have a pair I bought my freshman year of college! They definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to boots. I just added this pair to my Christmas list, they are soooo good. I love the height of the shaft. They would be so great with skinny jeans, leggings, and even a mini dress.

Frye Favorites…

Big thanks to The Frye Company for partnering on this post!